Demand That MSNBC Host Joy Reid Apologize for Blatant Islamophobia

Target: Joy Reid, MSNBC Host

Goal: Apologize for Islamophobic remarks made on air.

MSNBC Host Joy Reid used casual Islamophobia on air to refer to Muslim people as being violent, comparing them to the extremists among supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump. This casual Islamophobia was immediately criticized by Muslim groups as being hurtful and dangerous.

MSNBC should know better than to allow their hosts to be casually dismissive of an entire religion and insinuate that their believers are violent. That kind of discrimination is more of what you’d expect out of Fox News, not MSNBC. Sign our petition to demand that Joy Reid apologize for her remarks.


Dear Ms. Reid,

Muslims in the world have to deal with enough discrimination without adding casual bigotry and Islamophobia from hosts on national television. Whether it is right or not, people look up to television personalities and anything you say can be influential. Equating being Muslim with being violent was a horrible, Islamophobic statement and Muslims deserve an apology.

Every person with a platform like yours has a personal responsibility to do better. Apologize to the Muslim community and do better.


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Photo Credit: Tony Webster

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