Save Wildlife and Lands Imperiled By Fire and Floods From Extinction

Target: Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Protect wildlife and natural habitats destroyed by fires and floods.

Australia just emerged from a “black summer” in which an unprecedented 20 percent of its bushlands became susceptible to raging fires. As a result of these infernos, forests were eradicated, invasive species roam the lands, and endangered wildlife like koalas took several perilous steps closer to extinction. Australia needs a major overhaul in its response to these disasters before the damage becomes irreversible.

Wildlife and habitat protection represent one crucial cornerstone of this response. As just one example of the widespread carnage, the  Kangaroo Island dunnart: a marsupial the size of a mouse, was left critically homeless after all but five percent of its habitat succumbed to the fires. The Australian government took the right approach by creating a temporary protected refuge for these displaced animals. Such protections need to be permanent, and they should expand to other wildlife in imminent danger. The vegetation-rich lands and forests that host these animals merit equal protections from invasive species and destructive human activities so that they may regrow their ranks. A national tracking system that monitors the movements and locations of endangered species could provide another important set of insights into protective measures.

Most crucial of all is a uniform, unified approach to the climate change crisis driving this unprecedented environmental destruction. Sign the petition below to advocate for the future of Australia’s rich natural heritage.


Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

At any given time, only a few individuals in all of Australia know where to find the habitats of critically endangered species….and almost none of these conservationists work for the federal government. In the black summer that has passed, for now, one species alone lost 95 percent of their habitat. Dead and displaced animals dot a landscape of charred forests, and floods that may have doused the flames only compounded the devastation.

These tragic outcomes do not have to be Australia’s new normal. The government has taken important and meaningful steps with invasive species control and some wildlife and habitat protections. Now is the time to step up these efforts. Please utilize such important measures to implement a fully realized plan that will ensure the future of this nation’s amazing natural legacy.

Make education and true climate change action a centerpiece of the fight of our lifetimes: a fight for the future of Australia and the world.


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Photo Credit: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble

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  2. Mr. Scott Morrison. Let me take you to primary school for a second, just in case you forgot or you have never been there. Our survivor depends on their survivor. We are animals just the same and react to a healthy environment. Trees are the lung’s of the world and one of the main sources of moisture that causes rain. Did you know rain is water? Oxygen, water and light are what keeps everything alive on Earth, including you and me. If I was in your position, by now, I would have made a national priority to cleanup and replant the trees burned by the fires, and would be on my knees praying for a quick recovery from the devastation. Your world is my world, you can keep the money.

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