Stop Ageist Attack Strategies Against Joe Biden

Target: Bill Stepien, Trump Presidential Campaign Manager

Goal: Stop the use of ageist nickname, “Sleepy Joe.”

Trump’s campaign frequently refers to Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe.” Physicians have spoken out about the negative stigma that this creates about age. If Biden wins the election in November, he will be 77-years-old and the oldest candidate to win a first-term presidency.

Dr. Gary Small is a professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences and the Parlow-Solomon professor on aging at University of California, Los Angeles’ David Geffen School of Medicine. Speaking out against the ageist taunts being thrown around in this election, he said: “It’s very important to focus on experience, on who the person is and policy issues rather than age. A lot of people assume that an older brain is not as good a brain, but that is not necessarily true. We know that as people age, they actually become wiser. They have more experience to solve problems. They have less anxiety.” His thoughts were echoed by Dr. Richard Isaacson, trustee of the McKnight Brain Research Foundation. Dr. Isaacson doesn’t “really think of age as a discriminating factor in terms of when to choose someone that’s going to be in a leadership position, even if it’s in the most powerful position in the land. What I would say is you have to pick the best person for the job.”

Sign this petition to stop Trump’s campaign from using Biden’s mental readiness and age as an attack strategy.


Dear Mr. Stepien,

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are men who are advanced in age. If elected, Biden would be the oldest first-term president. If reelected, Trump would be the oldest second-term president. Despite the fact that both presidential candidates are advanced in age, only one campaign routinely and continuously uses ageist strategies to attack the other. The use of the nickname “Sleepy Joe” undermines the experience and intelligence of Biden but also creates a negative stereotype of older people within our society. I urge your campaign to stop using “Sleepy Joe” as a derogatory and ageist nickname for Joe Biden.


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Photo Credit: David Lienemann

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Well, if we focus on EXPERIENCE, on who the person IS and POLICY ISSUES rather than age, Biden is in deep trouble, because his greatest experience is conning Ukraine and China out of millions of dollars for himself & his family! Biden also LIES a lot and spent 8 years supporting Barack Hussein Obama, a TRAITOR to America, who will be arrested & executed for TREASON soon, if he hasn’t been already! A similar fate awaits Biden, so don’t be surprised when it happens!

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