Prosecute Amish Men For Shooting Puppies

Target: Wayne County Judges, New York

Goal:  For Amish men who killed nine healthy puppies to be prosecuted and punished

Two Amish men in New York are guilty of killing a healthy litter of puppies and their mother. The nine dead dogs were shot and thrown in a compost pile. Amish man Merlin Shumacher was breeding the dogs, but when they became too big and he couldn’t sell them, he asked Jonathan Eicher to shoot them. This is a severe act of animal cruelty and both men should be punished.

Eicher tried to defend himself by saying that killing animals in Amish culture is acceptable. He claimed that as long as he shot the dogs out back, he thought it was okay. He later referred to a motto called “the three S’s”, which stands for “shoot, shovel, and shut up”.

These Amish men had no respect for New York law, and no respect for the puppies they killed. They are trying to use their culture’s beliefs as an excuse to defend their horrible actions. There were several other options these men could have chosen instead of shooting the puppies. They could have been surrendered to a shelter, given to family or friends, or kept as pets. Instead, these men chose to get rid of the dogs as if they were garbage. Sign the petition below to make sure these men face harsh criminal punishment for their actions.


Dear Wayne County Judges,

Two Amish men murdered nine helpless dogs, simply because they didn’t want to deal with them any more. Merlin Shumacher and Jonathan Eicher committed a heinous crime, and their Amish beliefs should not be an excuse to let them get away with this.

Eicher agreed to shoot and kill the dogs after Shumacher was unable to sell them. They both understood what they were doing, and knew what the outcome of the crime would be. The helpless dogs had no choice in their lives, and they were discarded like garbage.

The Amish men are now using their culture’s acceptance of animal abuse as a way to defend their case. They are both guilty of planned murder, and being Amish isn’t an excuse. New York law was disrespected just as much as the dogs were. Animal abuse is a crime regardless of who committed it, and these men need to face the most severe punishment legally acceptable for what they did.


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  1. deb spanhake says:

    heartless and should not claim to have souls this was so unnecessary to have this happen to these dogs they didn’t do nothing wrong but just be in their way? should not go unpunished and they should be reminded that GOD has yet to deal with them

  2. These men have no respect for life. They wanted the easy way out and now they must pay for their insensitivity. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t let them get off with just a slap on the gun hand.

  3. Ruth Rogers says:

    DID NOT SIGN. Hate to say this — they should be taught not to do this ever again — as it is animal cruelty. IN the context, however these men need to explain their honest motivation, not get punished unless they understood their act to be against the law. Amish are raised outside of the USA culture and do not always know the laws. They are not required to know the laws or to obey the laws.

    • @ Ruth: What do you mean they “They are not required to know the laws or to obey the laws”???? So they can commit any crime they want and not be punished because they don’t have to obey the law???????

  4. leigh brash says:

    Church and state need to be kept separate. These men need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Let their other god deal with them when the time comes for them to die . The laws all over the world need to more harsh, harsher harder punishments. Murder is murder. Time to dish out the hard stuff. Show us that the state can have a heart

  5. Valerie Martin says:

    This is unexcusable! These people have no regard for life. We see so much animal abuse in our area from them that is sickening and nothing is done. Not just to dogs but to all of their animals. This must stop!

  6. Stacy Walker says:

    Please prosecute!

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