Push for Gender Equality to Prevent Mass Abortion of Female Fetuses

Target: Ram Nath Kovind, President of India

Goal: End gender discrimination that contributes to low birth rates and oppressive treatment for girls.

About 1.5 million girls are not born every year because of gender-biased selective abortions. India, the most densely populated nation in the world, may account for about half of these climbing numbers. In fact, criminal elements within the country have made a black market out of sex determination tests that can alert pregnant women if they are carrying an “undesirable” female fetus. Researchers estimate that in 10 years, close to seven million girls in India will be selectively aborted.

The prejudices driving this troubling trend are deeply ingrained throughout large swaths of the country. Many cultural traditionalists see women as burdens who contribute little to society. Young girls, by and large, receive less education, less opportunity, and are instead measured by their suitability as obedient wives. Over one-quarter of girls are married off before they even reach the age of 18. The authors of a study detailing India’s selective abortion rates called for “gender equity and the introduction of support measures to counteract existing gender biases.”

Sign this petition to support these advocates in their demands for meaningful widespread reform.


Dear President Kovind,

The deficit between males and females continues to widen in the country you represent. A study of 29 states and territories attributes this chasm to selective abortions and, more crucially, to the cultural biases that underlie these practices. If half of the population is devalued and demeaned, true progress can never be achieved. If the half of the population responsible for the birth of every human being disappears, humanity itself will disappear.

Important strides are being made across India, including local government-endorsed celebrations of female births that send an important message about equal value. Many territories still remain steeped in inequality and corrosive gender biases, however. In these regions, black markets for sex determination tests, selective abortions, and everyday indignities thrive.

Please take a vital national stand against destructive gender discrimination through public education and the enactment of country-wide policies that ensure equality for all.


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Photo Credit: Mikhail Esteves

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