Punish Petting Zoo Pranksters Who Allegedly Rode and Put Lipstick on Miniature Donkeys

Target: Mark R. DiMaria, Prosecutor for Wyckoff, New Jersey

Goal: Find and penalize individuals responsible for reported abuse and harassment of petting zoo animals.

A teenage prank apparently led to an act of harassment and cruelty against several animals living at a petting zoo. The owners of New Jersey-based Abma Farms allegedly discovered a group of about seven unidentified teens trespassing on their property. Once confronted, the youths reportedly fled, but they seemingly left traumatized animals behind.

Many animal gates at the farm had apparently been thrown open, leaving the animals to wander the premises confused and distressed. A rabbit and a chicken have yet to be located. The group reportedly reserved the most egregious behavior for the miniature donkeys, however. A photo has since emerged of at least one person seemingly riding the nervous ponies. One donkey even had what appeared to be lipstick markings across his face. The caretakers at the farm gave a status update, saying “our animals are now shaken and skittish compared to their normal relaxed nature.”

Sign the petition below to urge the local justice system to treat this case with the seriousness it more than merits.


Dear Mr. DiMaria,

Animal control and juvenile bureau authorities are working to identify the teenagers who allegedly broke into the Abma Farms petting zoo, stole farm equipment, and traumatized many of the farm’s animals. The acts reportedly committed against these living beings are more than just harmless pranks. According to farm owners, the animals still display signs of ongoing trauma.

Please be diligent in working with law enforcement to identify and hold legally accountable the individuals responsible for these alleged acts of theft and animal cruelty.


[Your Name here]

Photo Credit: Paul Faith

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  1. Animal abusers internationally must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.I dare these vile pos to meet with me in real life,face to face I have a surprise ready and waiting!!!! OH YESSS!!!

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    Sometimes I can’t believe how cruel and stupid people can be. These are not just pranks but instances of abuse.

  3. These are not acts of harassment these are acts of animal cruelty and abuse. These bastards should all just be done away with because the next time animals or people will be killed. This would have been their “maiden” venture of abuse the next time they will kill. We need to get rid of this trash right away. I have 4 mini rescue donkeys and they are the sweetest animals on the planet I know how traumatized the little ones would have been OMG how horrible and I guess we are pretty safe in assuming that the rabbit and chicken would have been killed. Don’t let these ignorant f*ckers get away with this – the next time will be super bad.

  4. These teenagers…future deplorables!!!
    They must be bragging about their exploits.
    I hope some vigilantes find out who they are and give them a lesson they won’t forget!

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