Kenosha Police: Denounce Alleged Murder of Two Black Lives Matter Protesters

Target: Daniel Miskinis, Kenosha Police Chief

Goal: Denounce the reported shooting of three Black Lives Matter protesters.

A seventeen-year-old Illinois native, identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, has been accused of shooting three people, killing two, during a protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He reportedly drove across the border and remained outside after curfew with his semiautomatic rifle. Rittenhouse is a former member of the youth police cadet program. He also has a deep affinity for guns, as displayed on his online profiles and previous police reports. Rittenhouse was arrested and charged in the fatal shooting incident.

In a statement given by the Kenosha police, Rittenhouse’s actions were not directly denounced. Instead, Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis said, “Everybody involved was out after the curfew. I’m not gonna make a great deal of it, but the point is the curfew’s in place to protect. Had persons not been out involved in violation of that, perhaps the situation that unfolded would not have happened.” Miskinis references an 8 p.m. curfew that was put into effect after the shooting of Jacob Blake. Miskinis failed to mention gun safety or militia mentality. Furthermore, he did not speak out against the heavily-armed individuals that are coming from outside of Kenosha to seemingly support local law enforcement.

Sign this petition to urge the Kenosha Police Department to denounce the reported actions of this suspect.


Dear Chief Miskinis,

Americans have a right to peaceful protest. The public’s response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake should not be called into question when discussing the fatal shooting of two protesters and the serious injury of another, allegedly commited by Kyle Rittenhouse. This teen reportedly came from out of city and out of state armed with a semiautomatic weapon under the false pretense of defending property that he does not own and to which he has no personal connection. Rittenhouse seemingly arrived in Kenosha with intentions of antagonizing protesters and getting into trouble.

What’s troubling about Rittenhouse’s mentality is that he was allegedly part of a militia that supposedly felt that they were helping the local police force. As the leader of the police force, you must take a stand and let these militia members know that their presence is not needed, not welcomed, and not helpful. I urge you to denounce the alleged actions of Rittenhouse.


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Photo Credit: The All Nite

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  1. Do you people NEVER know what the hell you’re talking about? You want to sign a petition against a young man who shot three FELONS in self defense while being attacked! DO none of you ever bother to know what you’re talking about when you start an absolutely IGNORANT petition like this? And then more ignorant people actually sign these things without having a clue what they’re signing for. Every damn one of you should be ashamed to sign your names on crap like this!

    • Triggered trumptard. Pos was st trumps rally. SHOCKER!!!

    • Fact: He crossed the border so he was NOT defending his home and he had no right to be there. He went there, armed, with the intent to kill someone. YOU are defending a confessed murderer. If anyone, here, is ignorant, it’s YOU.

      • Trumptards are sick fucks.

      • Gilda, you really are a liberal piece of crap. A liar, can’t stand your fellow Americans, you’re a real piece of work. You don’t even follow the facts here that he was firing in SELF DEFENSE because of being attacked by these leftist antifa piece of shit thugs! So can you tell me what the liberals will do for us other than raise taxes and ban firearms? You can’t even get your senile old fool out of his basement and nasty nancy doesn’t want him to debate trump…for obvious reasons!

      • Judie, last I knew this was the United States so he had every right to be where he was when he was attacked by those three dirtbag FELONS! Since when is defending yourself “murder” or maybe you’re like gilda and just too ignorant to know??

        • Go fuck yourself Frankie loser! You are a real loser and racist. Maybe some day you will be shot by a maniac so shut the fuck up and mind your own business you piece of shit!

    • They were not felons you idiot! It does not give anyone the right to play vigilante!

  2. Triggered trumptard racists on here making up shit. SHOCKER.

    • You haven’t stated a single fact so the shocker is that you open your pie hole and spout lies to defend the attacks on a man who was minding his own business until attacked by lefties. And imagine…all three of the pieces of crap that attacked him were FELONS! Well, just the kind of people I expect you’d love to hang with gilda!

      • They attacked him because they were trying to save the third victim who was wounded. That still gives the loser the right to kill people!

  3. Bless Kyle a real American hero!

  4. Just how far would protesters go before they are satisfied? Are you asking for complete annihilation of the white race? Then, since there is good and bad in everyone, where is the meaning of justice and equality at this time? Sometimes we must stop and evaluate whether is justice driving our thoughts or the influence of others using our human emotions to accomplish their destructive goal. A self evaluation of our individualism can make the difference between human and cattle.

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