Remove Toxic Chemicals from Dawn Dish Soap

Target: Robert A. McDonald, CEO of Procter and Gamble

Goal: Replace all toxic chemicals with organic ingredients in Dawn dish soap.

It’s puzzling how a company that promotes itself as a rescuer of wildlife can get away with selling products containing toxic ingredients and tested on animals. It’s not as surprising, though, once you learn that the company is Procter and Gamble. Procter and Gamble owns Dawn dish soap, a product full of toxic chemicals, encased in plastic packaging with images of seals, ducks and claims of caring about wildlife on it. Tell Robert A. McDonald actions speak louder than words. Tell him to prove that his company is really concerned about its customers and wildlife by switching to only organic ingredients in Dawn dish soap.

To list just a few of the toxic ingredients found in Dawn dish soap, there’s Trisoclan, an ingredient found in some of Dawn’s antibacterial dish soap products. This chemical has been linked to heart disease and heart failure and it also impairs muscle function. Studies have also shown it to be a potential endocrine disruptor, which can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects and other developmental disorders. Another chemical, sodium bisulfate, can cause life-threatening side effects if ingested.  Quaternium 15 is a formaldehyde releaser that can irritate skin and eyes as well as cause non-reproductive organ toxicity. The European Union has deemed it unsafe for use in cosmetics. And of course there’s the ever- mysterious “fragrance,” which the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require companies to list the chemical makeup of.

For a company with billions of dollars at its disposal, it’s certainly being cheap with its quality. Tell Robert A. McDonald we shouldn’t have to be chemistry majors in order to understand the products we’re using in our homes. Tell him it also doesn’t make sense that a product meant to be used on dishes which will be eaten off of would contain ingredients that could be poisonous if ingested. Ask Robert A. McDonald to change all of Dawn’s dish soap ingredients into non-toxic, organic ones.


Dear Robert A. McDonald,

Your company makes close to $85 billion each year, and yet you still use cheap, toxic ingredients in your products. Dawn dish soap, one of the country’s most popular dish soaps, is full of chemicals that can cause cancer, heart and muscle failure, and birth defects. Do you honestly think the customers who provide your company with its billion-dollar profits deserve to be putting these toxic chemicals on their skin rather than organic ones?

Using toxic chemicals is not only bad for the health of your customers, it is bad for the environment as well. The chemicals in your products end up leeching into soil and water supplies, contaminating them as a result. For a company to put pictures of cute forest animals on its products and not only test those products on animals, but allow toxic chemicals into the environment, is deceptive, ignorant and irresponsible. We urge you to prove how much your care about the environment and your customers by removing all toxic chemicals from Dawn dish soap and using only organic ingredients instead.


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  1. I have not purchased any Proctor & Gamble products for many years. They are among the worst animal testers ever! So this is not a suprise to me.

    • I agrree Seems to me being worried about their “toxic chemicals” is the least of the worries…This sorry company tests on animals… refuse to buy anything they make…boycott them

  2. Ive always used Dawn and should have realized they are owned by P&G who doesnt care about anything but $. I guess Ill be buying another brand from now on. SHAME ON YOU. Then your using toxins to ‘clean’ animals in oil spills? What a joke.

  3. don damzelle says:

    stuff your poxy soap, and i’ll spread the word to others about all your products, that if you can contamminate soaps what else are you doing, you should be sued

  4. Eileen goodman says:

    Everyone should write to Procter and gamble in protest of their continuing
    Testing on animals . It is completely unnecessary in this day and age.
    This is a form of cruelty that must be exposed and stopped!

  5. Animal testing is evil. Torturing helpless and innocent animals must not be tolerated!

  6. wendy cornah says:

    I hate testing on animals and will not purchase those products

  7. ALL companies and corporations care about is money.

    Helping animals from oil spills and then testing on animals? Weird contradiction.

    Triclosan is in everything anti-bacterial. So while you may boycott Dawn, check what’s in your sanitizers you probably overuse. Alcohol you say? Also causes death.

    People make such a big deal about nothing these days.

  8. jackie2830 says:

    Everybody remember, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS….DON’T BUY THE STUFF!!!! Actually, I have switched a while back and use ONLY Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day [best price @ Target]. FANTASTIC product. The scent is wonderful….gives you some aromatherapy while you do dishes. I love the Basil…but there are like 5 or 6 scents I believe. Best part….NO ANIMAL TESTING!!! Most ingredients seem natural, it’s biodegradable, and the plastic container is made with up to 25% recycled plastic. Costs a few cents more, but to me is well worth it! No, I don’t work for them, just passionate about the stuff and animals. Go to their website to find out more….better yet go to Target and sniff them all. They make other cleaning items as well but haven’t tried them yet.

    • They also have a horrible preservative, which I find even the “natural” products– my overuse has caused peeling skin that doctors told me for over 25 years was contact dermatitis–Methylisothiazolinone– a horrible chemical is also in our waters and marine life is esp. sensitive to it. I have yet to find a laundry detergent without it. In 2016 Europe and Canada has asked companies to voluntary ban this ingredient which includes anything else ending in “lisothiaxolinone”. Generally baby products do not have it.

  9. Myers also has toxic chemicals read the lables. Disodium hydroxyethyliminodiatate and methlisothiazolinone/ benzisothiazolione. Can cause nerve damage and skin irritation.

  10. jackie2830 says:

    Yvonne…perhaps you need to go back and check the dictionary you are using. And while doing that, remember that volume plays an important part in toxicity. I do not consider Mrs. Meyer’s toxic at all. And for anyone concerned, please go to their website and see their ingredient glossary page…very informative. Especially the non-animal tested part….the main point of my concern to begin with. I guess I’m just more concerned about the animals. Oh, and by the way, check out your incorrect spelling as well: should read – Hydroxyethyliminodiacetate!

    • Hi Jackie,

      Mrs. Meyer’s sure doesn’t get a good rating from the Environmental Working Group (they do have toxins in their products):

    • They also have a horrible preservative, which I find even the “natural” products– my overuse has caused peeling skin that doctors told me for over 25 years was contact dermatitis–Methylisothiazolinone– a horrible chemical is also in our waters and marine life is esp. sensitive to it. I have yet to find a laundry detergent without it. In 2016 Europe and Canada has asked companies to voluntary ban this ingredient which includes anything else ending in “isothiaxolinone”. Generally baby products do not have it.

  11. MikefromDallas says:

    Boo Hoo, some mice got soap in their eyes… so sad.

    However, this crap ending up in the drinking water and lakes and ocean.. That is a problem of serious consequence.

  12. Anna shepard says:

    My one year old grandson got chemical Burns in his eyes from this soap.

  13. Many people have been harmed by chemicals so pervasive in our society. MCS, TE, TILT, GWS, AO and World Trade Center are all illnesses from Toxic Exposures. Learn what you can do to protect yourselves. There is a growing number of people who are homeless and isolated from society because we can no longer tolerate these or any other chemicals. It is a hidden Worldwide Disease. Being covered up by Big Chem. It has been established in other countries such as Japan, Canada, The German Institute of Medicine, Austria Federal Ministry of Health. Not in the US, people here are suffering because these companies have been hiding this illness from everyone buy publishing false studies and false propaganda. Learn the Truth, Be Informed

  14. Donald Won Cho says:

    I used to use Dawn dish washing detergent on my animals as I’m a professional groomer. I also hear that blue dawn will kill fleas off of dogs but after reading this article I will boycott everything ever made by P & G unless they take drastic measures to rectify this. How dare you use poor innocent animals as their saviour from oil spills and such meanwhile YOU ARE the real crooks out there!

  15. How can they make nearly one trillion dollars a year if the richest man in the world makes just over 150 billion dollars? that would make their dish soap company nearly seven times richer than the riches man in the world. i smell false information….

    • Ah, I’m glad to see that the income statistics have been adjusted to a more appropriate standard. Just a bit of constructive criticism. I’m glad to see that people are making this world safer for everyone.

  16. Jennifer Tucker says:

    I only use Arbonne producs in my home, they might not be 100% pure but they are better tgan all the products that I’ve used over the years and they are not tested on animals or have any animal by products in them.i wish I had known about them sooner.with my cancer history its very important to educate oneself before aplying toxins on your skin.

  17. We dont need animals to be tested upon because we’re the test subjects. We’re eating drinking breathing and lathering on toxins everyday.

  18. I have used Dawn since it came on market & last yr went thru allergy tests & found allergic to Quantenium-15/formaldehyde which is in absolutely everything in our lives & tried to remove all but never thot Dawn would contain it since they washed animals in it & didn’t ck it until needed to add to chemical free laundry soap as clothes became infested with bug/parasite evidently coming in on new clothing from foreign countries & 1 solution was Dawn + other things, Was so shocked to see it contained this toxic chemical & all your posts & it’s what’s been damaging my hands (allergic to gloves). Thanks for all your posts & info on P&G. I used to use Tide before allergy & found it contained the highest levels of all toxins/cancer causing agents of any detergent & was shocked but now using 7th Generation & clothes are dingy even with additives. Quantenium & formaldehyde go by over 100 different names in products to disguise them like urea, Peg-40, so check alternate names. Thx

  19. Lisa Butler says:

    I want to spread the word about how toxic Dawn is! I had no idea how toxic it was until a tiny bit got into my eye. I have used Dawn for years. A small bit splashed into my eye, and it was diluted with water I might add, and OMG! I felt as if fire was in my eye! I immediately started rising my eye out and the burning would not go away. 15 minutes later, and still burning like crazy, I read the back of the bottle which stated clearly and in big bold letters, to rinse your eyes out immediately if any gets into your eyes. I can’t tell you how long I kept rinsing my eye after that. The burning would not go away. I thought this was a rather specific warning on the label so I searched online and there were so many stories of people who had gotten Dawn into their eyes or their pets eyes which is horrible as they can’t tell you how much it hurts! Many have injured their cornea and have damage to their eyes. I just couldn’t believe it. My eye was very sore and dry the next day and I continued to rinse it out every hour for a few hours after the incident. I am on a mission to get rid of the chemicals in Dawn. I’m lucky my eye is ok and this was my wake up call to get rid of all products I use that have chemicals.

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