Dog Allegedly Kicked Repeatedly and Slammed on Ground Deserves Justice

Target: Oklahoma District 4 Attorney Mike Fields

Goal: Give man strictest legal sentence for allegedly kicking, hitting and throwing his dog on the ground.

A 3-month-old shepherd mix named Angel was allegedly beaten for not walking on command. Christopher W. Bradford was charged with felony animal cruelty shortly after the dog was found. He should not be shown any mercy under the law if it is found he committed this atrocious act.

An eye witness allegedly watched Bradford kick, throw and threaten to kill Angel. According to reports, Bradford admitted he beat his dog and also showed officers how he picked the dog up by the neck when the animal disobeyed him. Bradford reportedly told police that he beat Angel because the dog would not walk with him. Another person who said they witnessed the apparent crime stated Bradford threw the dog before stomping on the animal. It was further stated that Bradford kicked Angel repeatedly.

There have been four other complaints against Bradford, which claimed that he abused Angel. He also has a prior animal cruelty conviction. Demand Bradford spend the maximum time of 10 years in prison that is allowed for this crime if he is found guilty of harming this helpless dog in any way.


Dear District Attorney Fields,

Christopher W. Bradford was recently arrested for allegedly beating his dog Angel in a brutal fashion. He needs to spend the most time behind bars possible if he is found guilty of this inexcusable animal abuse.

Reports state that Bradford kicked, smacked, threw, and stomped on Angel when the animal would not walk beside him. He also allegedly picked up Angel by the neck in a forceful manner when the dog disobeyed him. Several witnesses further recall Bradford screaming loudly at Angel and yelling that he would shoot the animal.

Bradford has already received one animal cruelty conviction, and this is not the first time people have called police to report that Bradford was acting abusively toward his dog. For these reasons, we demand you suggest Bradford receive the most stringent punishment the law will allow if it is found he committed this unwarranted act of animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: sylviray

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  1. Cathy Radies says:

    Just shoot this useless bastard he isn’t worth taking the time to even write about what should happen to him. Anyone that horrible deserves death – no excuses for his behavior are good enough.

  2. Why was a previously convicted animal abuser allowed to have another animal? And a 3 month old dog, one who isn’t old enough to know how to do much, being targeted for this much abuse because he didn’t want to walk with this nasty lowlife animal abuser? He’s dangerous and depraved and should never be near another animal ever. Put this coward in jail and forget he’s there.

  3. This SOB needs to suffer the same abuse until he can’t walk. He really needs to die. Animal cruelty, cruelty of any type must end and be punished SEVERELY.

  4. Beverly Buckley says:

    How is the PUPPY is she still alive? Dont care about this POS HANG THE SOB AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED

  5. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear District Attorney Fields,
    Animal cruelty is now officially banned across the United States, per President Trump’s signature on a federal document.

    Christopher W. Bradford was charged with felony animal cruelty shortly after the dog was found. He should not be shown any mercy under the law if it is found he committed this atrocious act.

    Please proceed accordingly. Thank you!

  6. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear District Attorney Fields,
    How can it be that someone is so vile, so ill-born that he abuses a poor animal in that way for pleasure or most likely to get rid of him?

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