Trump: Don’t Sell Fragile Public Lands to Big Oil

Target: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Don’t open millions of acres of vital public lands to fossil fuel expansion.

Over a million acres of public lands across Southwestern Colorado will be open to fracking, drilling and other fossil fuel, extraction thanks to a recent plan finalized by the Trump administration. The expansion will occur over the next two decades, threatening organic agriculture, dynamic ecosystems and endangered species.

The Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration in an attempt to block the expansion. The lawsuit states that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) refused to consider alternatives to fossil fuels and failed to analyze how fracking and drilling could harm endangered species, such as the Gunnison sage grouse. In addition, the BLM’s oil and gas production forecast shows the plan would increase climate pollution by more than 2,300 percent over the next decade, directly undermining Colorado’s new climate law that calls for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

In accordance with the Center for Biological Diversity’s lawsuit, demand the Trump administration immediately halt plans to expand fracking and drilling in Southwestern Colorado.


Dear President Trump,

Your plan to expand fracking and drilling will take place across 1.7 million acres of crucial mountain, woodland and red-rock desert landscapes that are home to endangered species. In addition, the plan will exacerbate climate change and jeopardize organic agriculture.

It is also worth noting that the Bureau of Land Management ignored 42,000 public comments in opposition to this plan. Rather than be captured by industry, consider prioritizing the pleas of thousands of concerned citizens. I demand that you immediately halt plans to expand fracking and drilling in Colorado.


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Photo Credit: Tony Webster


  1. Oh no. Here come the triggered trumptards!!

    • Ann Hoffman says:

      Triggered has nothing to do with it. Are you not a good steward of the environment? I’m guessing you’re for anything Trump does, even if it means destroying the planet. Try to come up with a more reasoned response next time.

      • You misunderstood. TRUMP IS A POS.

      • You have to see racist trump supporters making up shit on petition for killer Krittendon.Self defense my ass. 17 year old who attended trump rally and bought illegal gun across state lines.

      • I’m against ANYTHING that you un Americans try to do against the greatest president this country has ever had. Lol yours is a pathetic hilarious joke- unless of course we’re talking about the communist you’re really voting for.
        GO TRUMP!!

        • Jeez. I will never understand the mentality of Trump supporters. He has been outed as a liar. He has a disgusting attitude to women. He is destroying everything good about America. And still you follow blindly. Would you have followed Hitler in the same way? Same persona, same ideals.

        • Karen you are so stupid you have no idea how much of a loser Trump is. Go watch the 4 hour documentary on trump and you’ll be shocked.

    • Ann Hoffman says:

      Sorry about my previous reply! I didn’t read your comment closely enough. It’s usually the Trumptards using the word triggered. My bad.

  2. Why must you be told?

  3. You already know he will do as he pleases no matter who suffers/dies etc. Public land belongs to the United States and should NEVER BE SOLD for corporate greed and profits or the profit of one selfish jerk… IN MY OPINION

  4. Adam Hartley says:

    What’s the point of this petition? We all know that cocksucker does what he wants. This petition will have zero effect. The _only_ way this asshole will listen is to vote him out. Let him listen to his iPod after that, as private citizen, Joe Blow!

    • True. But people need to be aware of what that pos is doing.

    • Terri Manabe says:

      Yes, voting Trump out of office is a MUST. However, these petitions are letting that POS so called President know people care, are watching, and want this land destruction STOPPED by all means. He’s an idiot with no regard to what’s happening with our climate, the animals, and COVID-19. So unless you write a direct letter to that imbecile, this is the best way to let the tard know what we are thinking and want.

  5. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last! That’s why Mr. Trump has to go!!

  6. Yolanda Carrizales says:

    The psycho is destroying our country. November doesn’t come soon enough so we can kick his sorry ass out of office.

  7. Kory Chatelain says:

    45 cares only about optics, ratings and himself. He is one of the worst examples of humanity on this planet. He cares nothing about the environment or the animals that depend on this environment to live.

  8. Kill the mother fucker. Trump is a Republican so bake him in a oven or gut him

  9. Maria Bertrand says:

    No regard, at all, for the planet, for the animals!

    Millions of acres and wildlife on the line….SO UTTERLY DISGUSTING!

    Hope he is voted out in November….

  10. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    These are OUR PUBLIC LANDS. They were NEVER meant to be sold off nor were they ever meant to be destroyed by extractive industries. HANDS OFF!!!

  11. transformation6891Janey says:

    Vote Trump out that is your best protection

  12. If I were American and could vote… I’d help ya’ll vote Trump off his throne. I hope and pray the next candidate is better suited to lead and make balanced decisions (????)

  13. To stop this monster bastard Trump from destroying America and the precious Wildlife you must eradicate the monster bastard from our planet. This prick of a President Trump is destroying America and the Laws that protect the precious and helpless Wildlife.This arsehole doesn’t care about the precious and helpless Wildlife that his vile and evil sons and other lowlife Hunters who will torture and murder the precious and helpless Wildlife and millions of acres will be destroyed.Hopefully this scumb Trump is voted out in November.
    Please save the destruction of America and all the precious Wildlife from this vile and evil Trump monster from hell and all his vile cronies.

  14. Patricia Wicker says:


  15. Stop this illiterate and thick headed person of doing more damage! What he did so far is more than enough.

    A person who considers a dictator like Erdogan of Turkey as his best friend leaves very little to the imagination!!!

  16. Before Trump. Before Biden. Before any human being, comes the land and the ecosystem that provides life to all of us and to all the creatures within. Having said that, the petition is signed for that specific request to the current administration to acknowledge life before money. Any other allegation of against Trump is bias to freedom of preference and freedom of speech. Which by the way allows me to take this opportunity to endorse Trump as one of the greatest American presidents in the last decade and wish him the best of luck for another term in the White House. What happened to terrorism in America since Trump took office and why was no one complaining when the US economy was booming before the virus? Good and bad are signs of a normal human being.

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