Cat Reportedly Impaled With Arrow and Left to Wander Streets for Days Deserves Justice

Target: Tarrant County, Texas District Attorney Sharen Wilson

Goal: Give man harshest legal sentence for allegedly shooting cat with a bow and arrow and leaving him to die.

An unsuspecting cat was allegedly shot with an arrow and walked around with it inside of him for days. Tommy Wayne Hasting was arrested for the crime. He needs to get the strictest sentence the law will allow if it is found he committed this pathetic act of animal cruelty.

According to reports, Hasting laughed while telling another resident living in his trailer park that the cat walked away limping after he shot the animal. Images from text messages allegedly showed the injured animal. It was reported that Hasting told officers he was drunk when he sent the messages, and that he did not remember anything he said in the texts. However, police stated they took a picture of the crossbow used by Hasting. Hasting’s wife also told authorities that the arrow found in the cat matched an arrow her husband used to have after she was shown a picture of the animal.

The cat luckily survived and was named Robin. Sign this petition to demand Hasting receive the most stringent sentence possible so that no more animals are harmed.


Dear District Attorney Wilson,

A black cat was reportedly shot in the upper torso with a bow and arrow. Police charged Tommy Wayne Hasting with animal cruelty days after the alleged incident took place. He needs to spend the most time behind bars possible if it is found he committed this senseless crime.

Hasting allegedly told a neighbor that he shot the cat with his arrow, and laughed as the animal walked away limping. Police also said they found text messages between Hastings and the neighbor, indicating that Hastings was responsible for shooting the cat. Although Hasting reportedly told police he was drunk when he sent the text messages, police said they found the bow that he used to shoot the animal at his home. Hasting’s wife further said the arrow inside the cat’s body matched an arrow her husband used to own after she was shown a picture of the injured cat.

Thankfully, the animal made a full recovery and was named Robin. He was adopted by a local shelter and will now help in the fight against bullying and animal cruelty. However, Robin reportedly walked around for a few days before someone was able to get him help and have the arrow removed. We demand Hasting receive the longest prison sentence possible if it is found he committed this hateful act, to better ensure more animals will not die as a result of such cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Angel Marie

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  1. Joyce O'Malley says:

    PACT Act is Federal law in the US
    No contact with animals for life!!

  2. Shoot Hastings through his torso with an arrow. Take a picture of him, then laugh.

  3. Kim Singer says:

    Yet another sicko who needs to be made an example of. One of the best arguments I can think of for the death penalty. Too severe? Maybe, but do YOU feel comfortable knowing that people just like him are walking among us? I don’t.

  4. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Would LOVE to sink an arrow into TOMMY WAYNE HASTING! 👿

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