Justice for Black Man Brutally Shot by Police While Entering Car

Target: Daniel Miskinis, Chief of Police at the Kenosha Police Department

Goal: Bring justice to Black man shot by police several times while getting into a car.

A Black man was shot several times by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin while opening a car door. The man, identified as Jacob Blake, was reportedly in “serious condition.”

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the shooting. While some details of the incident are unclear, police said in a statement that they were responding to a “domestic incident.” Videos of the shooting were released on social media and show Blake merely attempting to enter a vehicle. It remains unclear why police turned to lethal force.

The Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, released a statement saying that he stood “against excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with Black Wisconsinites.” Sign below to demand justice for Jacob Blake by firing and bringing charges against the officers who shot him.


Dear Chief Miskinis,

Jacob Blake was shot multiple times while opening a car door. Yet again, lethal force has been used against a Black man who showed no signs of threatening the safety of police officers.

Racism and police brutality against our Black community continues to persist and there must be strong consequences for the officers that perpetuate this deadly systemic violence. I demand that you ensure justice for Jacob Blake by immediately firing and filing charges against the officers who shot him.


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  1. I'm not a dumbass. says:

    The idiot was reaching into his car. As if getting something. Like another knife. or the gun he said he was going to get. You don’t reach into a car when police are telling you to not move unless you’re too stupid to live. Fuck this idiot and the racist morons trying to protect him. He fully deserved to be shot until he stopped moving. He was an idiot and almost deserved a nomination for a Darwin Award.

    • Lance Kammerud says:

      Im not sure what video some of you were watching but Jacob was NOT armed and was showing no aggression. This was another example of a cop on a power trip…7 shots in the back is pure cold blooded murder. WAKE UP FRANK AND IM NOT A DUMBASS…which u obviously are!!!

      • He had a knife in his hand. He had a rap sheet which included menacing with a gun. He was known to be violent. He was reaching into the car. Would you wait for him to turn around? Regardless, how does burning down businesses get you justice?

      • Well I guess you were there and could see what he was reaching for inside the car, see we weren’t so we don’t know. We do see a SANE reason for why he was shot, with the police officers not being able to see what he was doing were they supposed to say ohhh he’s a nice guy he wouldn’t be reaching for a gun or a knife, let’s just frigging risk our lives and just stand here. SURE. WAY TO GO POLICE OFFICERS- GOD BLESS YOU I AM “SO” PROUD OF YOU! Never, NEVER RISK YOUR PRECIOUS LIVES!

  2. He was armed and reaching into his car while the police were attempting to arrest him. Don’t you want the police to go home to their families at night? All he had to do was stop! The idiocy of the left, as shown to the world in this site and others, is incredible. Didn’t the originator of this petition do any kind of research at all before running off at the mouth? And at this point eighty three ignorant dumbasses have signed a petition that shouldn’t even be on here.

  3. Karen Redd says:

    So I guess stupid people think that the policemen should just stand like frigging fools EVEN THOUGH HE WAS REACHING IN HIS CAR. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? How f-ing brainless could anybody be that thinks that? Maybe you don’t but I DAMN sure care about police officers, while I could care less about the RIOTERS, not protesters, all they are is rioting criminals. And they damn sure should treated that way.

  4. While I don’t have any FACTS about the man who was shot, I do know that he shouldn’t have been shot SEVEN TIMES IN THE BACK.

  5. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  6. When someone thinks their life is in danger they don’t have to frigging count.

  7. Jose Espino says:

    Not signing this petition, why? On the video taken at the time of the shooting, the subject turns his back and walks away from a policeman pointing a gun at him. He then opens the door of the car and appears not to sit in it but to reach in as if to grab something. I say the police was forgiving enough not to shoot him before, as he was walking away from them. What would you have done, if in the police position? Policeman lives matter too. When a law officer tells you to stop, you must stop and obey the law. These recent shows of defiance to police by many out there are the reason for incidents like the one in this petition. If you are a law abiding person and have nothing to hide, there is no reason to defy police. By equally judging all police officers and by bringing on the hate and vengeance to them, the people who do this are doing the same thing they are condemning. If you want to be respected, you must respect others, specially the law. Otherwise the content of this petition is only the beginning of a long trail of police shootings. The law is not going to risk potential harm to themselves and other people in society.

  8. Jose Espino says:

    just in case, This is the original video. Search this complete sentence and it will bring it up.

    What we know — and don’t know — so far about the Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake

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