Stop the Postal Service Attack on Mail and Safe Elections

Target: Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General

Goal: Replace mail sorting machines to protect voting rights.

The postal service has removed or dismantled hundreds of mail sorting machines that could be crucial for counting ballots in the next election. The machines can sort thousands of letters in under an hour, making it quick and easy to send and receive mail. The postmaster general claimed that the machines were shut down because of a decline in mail, but it costs the postal service very little to run the sorting machines.

In November, the efficiency of the postal service will be vital in ensuring a fair election. With the COVID-19 pandemic, which will no doubt be raging through the end of the year, Americans will need to be able to vote by mail to protect their health. Sorting machines are needed to process the large volumes of ballots in the presidential election.

Reducing the operations of the postal service is an attack on our democracy. This year more than ever we need to be able to vote through the mail because voting in person could mean another wave of COVID-19. Removing Post Office equipment will make it harder to collect and count ballots, possibly preventing some ballots from being counted.

Keeping the sorting machines hardly costs the postal service anything. They’re already there, the postal service doesn’t have to constantly buy new ones. Removing them just sets up obstacles in the future when they’re needed again.

For the presidential election we will need a robust and efficient postal service to ensure that all ballots are counted. Sign the petition to demand that the postal service restore all mail sorting machines that have been removed.


Dear Mr. LeJoy,

Hundreds of mail sorting machines have been removed, making it less efficient to send and receive mail. The removal of these machines will have major consequences in November, when we will need the postal service to mail in ballots. Removing the machines is also not cost efficient because when mail volumes go up again, the machines will need to be replaced.

For the sake of our democracy, postal equipment should not be reduced. I demand that you restore all mail sorting machines that have been removed, to ensure that ballots can be mailed quickly and efficiently in November.


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  1. ‘Dump’ cannot be allowed to rig another election…IN MY OPINION

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