Stop ‘Bomb Trains’ Carrying Dangerous Gas

Target: Ronald Batory, Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration

Goal: Do not allow trains to travel with dangerous loads of liquefied natural gas.

The explosions in Beirut were horrific, with hundreds of people dead or injured from a blast that could have been avoided if safety regulations were in place and followed. Unfortunately, similar disasters could happen in the United States with a rule change made by the Trump administration that relaxes safety regulations on trains carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Liquefied natural gas is dangerous to transport in large amounts because if released, it expands and could very easily light on fire. This results in explosions capable of killing or injuring hundreds of people. We cannot afford a disaster like this to happen again.

The new rules proposed by the Trump administration would allow trains to carry as much LNG as they can. Trains could be as long as energy companies decide to make them, carrying unsafe amounts of LNG. As Jordan Luebkemann, an Earthjustice attorney, pointed out, “It would only take 22 tank cars to hold the equivalent energy of the Hiroshima bomb.” All it would take is a leak and a spark for another catastrophic accident.

Safety regulations should not be voluntary, they should be mandatory to prevent accidents that could hurt civilians. Trains with these dangerous loads put the communities they travel through at risk. Demand that trains not be allowed to carry hazardous loads of liquefied natural gas without safety precautions to protect from dangerous accidents.


Dear Mr. Batory,

Liquefied natural gas is dangerous and should not be carried in large loads by rail because a small accident could result in the deaths and injury of hundreds of people. The rule change allowing trains to carry LNG, with relaxed regulations and no limits on the amount of gas carried, could have extreme consequences. This could allow a large disaster to happen, as a small leak or derailment of a train could result in an explosion.

We have already seen the consequences poor safety regulations have, in the recent Beirut explosion. I demand that you ensure proper safety regulations are in place for trains carrying liquefied natural gas, to prevent future accidents and deaths.


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Photo Credit: Joshua Putnam

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