Tell Bath and Body Works to Use Organic Ingredients

Target: Nick Coe, CEO of Bath and Body Works

Goal: Make all Bath and Body Works products eco-friendly by using organic ingredients.

Bath and Body works makes $2.5 billion in annual net sales by selling lotions, shower gels and other fragrances. For a company to be making billions of dollars a year and still not be able to finance making its products with organic ingredients is a sign of how irresponsible businesses can be if they go unchecked. Tell Nick Coe to help his customers and the planet stay healthy by using only organic ingredients in Bath and Body Works products.

Many, if not all of Bath and Body Works products contain ingredients that are skin or eye irritants, but some ingredients can also cause more serious problems. Benzyl alcohol is a common ingredient that is also a neurotoxin which can cause allergic reactions, liver damage, coma and death in animals. Dimethicone is derived from petroleum and a known environmental contaminant. Disodium EDTA is a neurotoxin made from formaldehyde. It has been associated with brain damage, liver changes, endocrine damage, fetal damage and birth abnormalities in animals. And finally, methylparaben is an endocrine disruptor that has been linked to breast and ovarian cancer and is also an environmental contaminant.

Bath and Body Works has already been targeted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and other health and environmental groups for selling products containing the chemical triclosan, which is harmful to teens. The company’s products also contain parabens, which have been found in the tissue of women with breast cancer, leading many scientists to believe they actually lead to cancer. So although Bath and Body Works is making billions of dollars a year, it’s certainly not using that money to develop healthier, eco-friendly products.
Despite Bath and Body Works’ questionable business practices, people are more than likely going to continue buying its products. Bath and Body Works has built a business on repeat business from patrons who enjoy its variety of scents. If customers are continuing to return to stores to buy the same scents over and over, the least Bath and Body Works can do is sell them products made with organic ingredients. Ask Nick Coe to make Bath and Body Works products safe for customers and the planet by using only organic ingredients.


Dear Nick Coe,

Each year, your company makes billions of dollars in profits by selling products containing toxic chemicals. It’s greedy, irresponsible and ignorant for a company with so much money at its disposal to not consider how it can make its products healthier and more eco-friendly. Your customers are responsible for your billion dollar profits, and you thank them by putting ingredients in your products that can cause cancer, birth abnormalities and liver damage?

As an industry leader in body care products, you have a valuable opportunity to lead by example. By making your products with organic ingredients, you will raise awareness about the importance of using only earth-friendly products that have no harmful side effects for humans. We urge you to start making all Bath and Body Works products with organic ingredients.


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  1. It’s beyond irritating when consumers educated themselves by reading the first scare blog they Come across.

    First, everything is a “chemical”- you, granny, your car and they keyboard you’re typing with. Secondly, it’s very hard if not impossible to make an “all natural” or purely “organic” personal product, and even if the could, you wouldn’t buy it because a) the cost and b) it would smell, feel and apply like crap. Then you’d be bitching about the scent, how sticky or runny it feels, the scent doesn’t last , et.

    The preservatives they add isn’t some secret consumer attack,they use them because it’s whats been proven safe and effective for the past X decades. They are working on more “natural” preservatives but to date, no natural preservative is able to preserve products like the parabens and others currently on the market . If you’re bitching about adverse skin reactions now, try slathering an improperly or “naturally” preserved product on your skin and see what happens

    Please educated yourself before giving in to the latest Internet scare hype. If all else fails follow the EUROPEAN list of banned ingredients as unlike here in the US and the FDA, European products and their ingredients are heavily studied, tested and regulated.

    • All I can say is when I am near people with it on, I have an asthma attack from hell. You are bitching about someone bitching. It still does not lessen the fact that people are deathly allergic to it. The ingredients are so many there is not way to find out what I am allergic to that is in it. I do know that equate brand from Wal Mart does the same thing to me… Just some consideration is all I ask.

    • Sorry. There are safe companies like Ava organics that smell nice, are effective, and you can literally eat them. Yes, everything is a chemical, but you know what people mean. If you cannot safely ingest it without a possibility of danger, then it shouldn’t go on your skin. And if the EU bans certain things, maybe we should take a look at those ourselves. Common sense, really.

    • Rosa Owens says:

      Perfectly Posh is vegan, and all natural based products and they are fantasic and fell great on. Their prodicts are no more expensive and have many items CHEAPER than Bath & Body. There are alternatives out there if you bother to look…oh, and I don’t know about you but I don’t rub my car, or keyboard I am typing onanywhere on my body!!!

      • Beauty Writer NY says:

        I love Posh! Posh uses beeswax and honey, as well as milk,in many items, so PP is not vegan. They are not all-natural. That is not bad; they use a preservative, but they are not all-natural.

    • Everything is a chemical? Educated? Proven safe?
      First I want to say, Those who do not have faith in the higher power are ignorant to healthier and greater living and act as the greatest chemicals for anyone if we let them.
      Healthier and greater living doesn’t come from good pure things alone but by faith with them. Example; I can drive a new car and believe by faith that if there be anything deathly wrong with that car that I don’t know about, I trust that greater life-giving power who some call God, will protect me until it is known to be fixed. Yes, I believe in that unseen power, and because I believe, I have seen it’s good works. Bible (powerful and life-giving) passage, ‘no deadly thing shall harm my body).’ We may not be able to control everything physically, for reason spirit power intervenes when we believe and pursue the greater life-giving way. To know a chemical can harm someone, and not do anything about it, is the same as killing a person with an object. Money is the root of all evil. The need for money leads people to carelessly live until it slaps them hard enough in the face that they will stop. Thing is, without faith in that higher life-giving power, people live in fear and therefore deathly things are created through that fear because that is how they believe they can or must survive. “Perfect love casts out fear” – do your research and educate yourself on that!
      As far as my own body-care regimen goes, I have made my own with pure, safe and organic ingredients as known so far, with faith, and I have been pleased as well as satisfied with the results regardless of whether or not they apply or smell as good as some chemically treated products. I choose to be safe than sorry. I choose the greater power over the faithless destructive ways of men. We all have to test and see that truth eventually – because that is where the destructive ways of men leads us to.

    • Everything about your comment is so ignorant, aka uneducated. Have you never seen a product that is made completely of organic ingredients?! There are so many! And cost maybe, if at all, a dollar or cents more. I buy almost everything organic on my very modest income. You really should delete your comment, then educate yourself before defending ingredients in bbw products!

  2. This is so important. I use these products all the time and it would make it even better if it was actually good for me. If they make these products organic I would literally buy so much more of it.

  3. Courtney Barre says:

    To be honest I’ve been using their products since I was 8 and I’m 27 now I have never had an issue I love it but I like the idea of going organic

    • You are so young yet…keep using their products and in time you may, hopefully not, get some sort of cancer from all of the BS, completely unnatural, synthetic, FAKE ingredients in B&BW products. Our bodies were not designed to pump harsh chemicals and artificial products in them. Do you understand that? We aren’t invincible. For anyone to defend B&BW is to be completely foolish and ignorant to how our bodies are designed. Such a shame.

  4. I used to love BBW products and how they smelled…now I walk past the store and get headaches. It’s more than likely the phthalate fragrances they use that have been linked to so many health issues. There are natural ingredients out there you can use to preserve freshness in products and keep them smelling and feeling amazing! I have been using Perfectly Posh for just over a year and I have not had one reaction to the scents (they use phthalate free fragrances), no cancer causing parabens or paraffins, no “mineral oils” (better known at petroleum) to block the moisture from your skin…they use natural ingredients. I agree, there is really no such thing as “all natural” products because two ingredients when added together do make a chemical, there’s really no way around it. But when two ingredients are researched and found to not cause issues when added together, there is a great and amazing product! There is so much research out there to show what causes issues with people and their skin care, which is also linked to health as well. 100% of what you apply to your scalp, armpits and groin area will be in your bloodstream within 26 seconds…60% of what you apply to the rest of your body will also be in your bloodstream within 26 seconds. Please, please research ingredient lists and if your products don’t have them…don’t use them, they are more than likely hiding something. The information is out there!

  5. i started using theirs body creams and lotions too about a year now
    i felt in love BUT i started to get allergic bumps and blisters started to appear after using them
    didnt know first it was from bbw products
    but after i improved i started again to use creams ,, got the blisters again ! away seveeeer
    so dissapointed

  6. I have a form of MCS any time anyone new comes in the office that use fragrance and especially anything from lotions to body wash from body and bath I get really ill. My face itches, I get nausea, headache, dizzy and feeling of being intoxicated fatigue muscle aches and latter nervous feeling and shakes

    I only wish people were informed about how fragrances and chemicals inhaled, or applied to the body can hurt them long term.

    I have symptoms with in seconds, and the symptoms don’t go away for hours on end and somedays a few days.

  7. I am a perfectly Posh consultant and everything is Paraben free and natural, you can buy from them and they are cheaper than BBW.

    • I’ve been using Bath and Bodyworks lotions, and have been suffering from rashes , dizziness, itching and just feeling ill.

  8. Of course it is important what chemicals they use, I tried to find ingredients on BBW page tinder products but they aren’t showing any, wonder why!!!!!
    I was googling for it and came to this page.
    If anyone wants to know more of ingredients try check if they are danger at .. It saved me so much money, like loreal is selling products over 10£ and u exact good stuff in it…and then u turn the bottle around and see all the shit!!

  9. della coughran says:

    My daughter is allergic to soy ,red 40,yellow 5,dyes which in result of product containing these,will get rash,hives, swelling,then nausea.So yes there is a huge problem with these ingredients in products.

  10. I just use pure shea butter for moisturizing my skin. Yes, you have to spend a few extra seconds rubbing it between your palms to get it softened up enough to use, but isn’t that worth it to not have to worry about what you’re allowing to soak into your blood stream? You can add your favorite essential oil for fragrance (and other medicinal benefits). A $10 tub of it lasts me all winter.

  11. Nichole Bourgeois says:

    The body shop has natural ingredients and the do community fair trade with countries all over the world .. the body shop is the way to go .

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