Maduro: Stop Criminalizing Covid-19 Victims

Target: Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela

Goal: Provide humane treatment for Venezuelans infected with the coronavirus.

Venezuelans thought to be infected with the coronavirus are being labeled as “bioterrorists” and detained in cramped rooms with limited food, water, or masks. The Venezuelan government has turned to these repressive and inhumane tactics as an attempt to control the Covid-19 outbreak.

Venezuelans returning home after losing jobs abroad due to the coronavirus are being held under military guard for weeks and even months to receive tests and/or treatment for Covid-19 with unproven medications, according to interviews and reports by detainees. Governing party activists are marking the homes of families suspected of having the virus with plaques and threatening them with detention. In addition, the government is detaining and intimidating doctors and experts who question President Nicolás Maduro’s policy.

Sergio Hidalgo, a Venezuelan opposition activist, said “This is the only country in the world where having Covid is a crime.” Sign below to demand President Maduro stop treating potential coronavirus patients as criminals and implement more humane tactics of handling Covid-19.


Dear President Maduro,

Rather than treating the coronavirus as an imminent public health crisis, you are treating it like a national security threat that could jeopardize your power. Detaining potential Covid-19 patients in cramped rooms with limited access to food, water, or masks is a cruel and backwards method of attempting to handle this crisis.

In order to treat Covid-19, patients need ample resources and access to personal protective equipment. I demand that you stop criminalizing the coronavirus and immediately implement more humane methods of handling Covid-19.


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