Democrats: Stop Giving a Platform to Misogynist John Kasich

Target: Tom Perez, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

Goal: Stop giving a platform to anti-choice and misogynistic Republican John Kasich.

The Democratic Party recently started the Democratic National Convention and featured a speech from former Governor of Ohio and Republican, John Kasich. This time came at the cost of actual Democrats who should have been given an opportunity to speak, instead of a Republican who opposes many of the values that Democrats hold dear.

John Kasich is extremely anti-abortion; as governor, he successfully gave Ohio some of the strictest abortion regulations in the country. As if that was enough, just a few short years ago, Kasich publicly blamed women for their own rapes. A person like this should not be speaking on behalf of Democrats. Sign our petition and demand that the chairman of the Democratic National Committee stops giving misogynists like Kasich a platform.


Dear Chairman Perez,

John Kasich is an anti-abortion extremist and blames women for their own rape. Reaching across the aisle to get centrist support is one thing, but letting a Republican misogynist speak at the Democratic National Convention was a mistake.

The Democratic Party should not be giving a platform to people with views like Kasich. It is harmful and sends the wrong message to women. Democrats believe in a woman’s right to choose and they do not condone victim blaming, and anyone who thinks otherwise should not be made to feel welcome or given a voice in the party.


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