Protect Voters and Set Up Ballot Boxes

Target: Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Set up ballot boxes to ensure everyone can vote during the pandemic.

The Trump administration has been trying to undermine the presidential election by dismantling the postal service, but there’s a simple way around it: ballot boxes. Many states with default mail-in voting, including Washington and Oregon, already have them and it makes it easy for voters to ensure their ballots will be collected in time.

The system is simple and easy for voters. Numerous drop boxes are set up around each county so that voters can drop off their ballots without having to mail them. Officials pick up the ballots, ensure they are valid, and count them.

Trump has sought to make Americans fear mail-in voting and ballot boxes, but in reality there has been almost no voter fraud with these methods. Ballot boxes are safe because all ballots must be signed and will not be counted if the signatures do not match. If someone puts a fraudulent ballot in the box, it will be thrown out. It’s that simple. There’s also the added protection of security cameras at the ballot boxes.

Come November, the unfortunate truth is that the COVID-19 pandemic will still be raging, and an in-person election could exacerbate the problem. The pandemic, coupled with cuts made to the Postal Service, will make it challenging for our nation to hold a fair election. Ballot boxes offer a simple way around these problems. While hopefully the Post Office will be up and running again for the election, ballot boxes could help to ensure fairness.

In November we need a safe way to carry out our election, and ballot boxes could be part of that. Sign the petition below to call for ballot boxes to be set up to ensure everyone can vote.


Dear Senator McConnell,

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging and the presidential election approaching, the United States needs to find ways to hold a fair and safe election that is not in person. The Trump administration has undermined the Postal Service, but ballot boxes could help with mail-in voting. The process is simple, with drop boxes set up for voters to deposit their ballots, which are collected and validated with signature matching to prevent voter fraud. This makes it easy to vote remotely and ensures ballots are counted without delay.

Americans need to be able to vote safely in the presidential election during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ballot boxes are one way to do so. I encourage you to require ballot boxes be set up to ensure that everyone can vote.


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  1. Jose Espino says:

    We all need to understand that no matter what happens or what is done, God will choose whomever he wants the president to be. What is America’s official motto? “In God we trust.” So we choose who we like but God chooses who he wants.

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