Demand the Resignation of Corrupt Postmaster General

Target: Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General of the United States

Goal: Demand the resignation of the postmaster general for corruption and clear conflict of interest.

United States Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is actively participating in the dismantling of the United States Postal Service in order to help President Donald Trump rig an election. DeJoy has proven his corruption and inability to adequately serve the office to which he has been appointed.

In addition to his obvious incompetence and unwillingness to help the Post Office thrive and do its job, he has been proven to have a conflict interest in the form of financial investment in known competitors to the Post Office, including UPS. This is a blatant case of corruption and DeJoy has no business keeping his position. Sign our petition and demand that Postmaster General DeJoy resigns immediately.


Dear Mr. DeJoy,

There is no excuse to have a Postmaster General who doesn’t seem interested in actually doing his job and making sure the United States Postal Service operates as expected as a service to our country. Your lack of willingness to do so and apparent attempt to help President Trump rig an election are unacceptable.

As if that wasn’t enough, your blatant conflict of interest in the form of financial connections to UPS make you even more unfit for the job. This level of corruption is not acceptable for anyone in our government, and if you have any dignity, you’ll resign your position and allow someone competent and clean to take your place.

It would be the first worthwhile thing you’ve done since becoming Postmaster General.


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Photo Credit: Joseph Barillari

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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Mr. DeJoy has no business being in the position that he’s in. He’s just another of Trump’s cronies hired to carry out an elitist agenda. He has got to go!

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