Save Refugees and Immigrants Forced Out to Sea

Target: Konstantinos Tsiaras, Minister of Greece’s Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights

Goal: Stop dangerous expulsions carried out against refugees and legal immigrants.

“I left Syria for fear of bombing — but when this happened, I wished I’d died under a bomb.” These words come from one of the victims of a too-familiar humanitarian crisis unfolding in yet another supposedly democratic country. In the past few months, Greek authorities have abandoned over 1,000 refugees—and even some legal residents of the country—at sea, violating international law in the process.

Anecdotal reports and video footage have unfurled a heinous tale of refugees, including infants, being taken from detention centers and crammed onto inflatable life rafts to the point of overburdening the already-fragile vessels. Among these groups were people who legally lived and worked in Greece…individuals who found themselves “deported” without cause. These human beings were then cast off into the ocean. Some of the refugees were rescued by the coast guards of other countries, but for many their fate was less certain. Greece has denied any wrongdoing, but the evidence appears damning.

Sign the petition below to demand this country’s leadership investigate and immediately remedy any widespread, illegal human rights violations carried out against refugees in urgent need.


Dear Mr. Tsiaras,

“Greece has a proven track record when it comes to observing international law, conventions, and protocols. This includes the treatment of refugees and migrants.” At least 31 instances and video footage of human beings abandoned at sea would suggest otherwise. You cannot turn a blind eye to the abuse and endangerment of 1,000-plus refugees…and the citizens of Greece who are also included in these xenophobic expulsions.

The motive for denial is apparent, as these actions would violate European Union law, international law, and the laws of basic human decency and morality. Taking children and adults seeking a better life, stuffing them onto an overcrowded raft, and leaving them to the unpredictable elements of the ocean does not in any way qualify as a reasoned, compassionate, or even human approach to the refugee crisis. End these atrocities now before Greece sacrifices its standing as a beacon of democracy and before the country loses its very soul.


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Photo Credit: Aris Messinis

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  1. Jose Espino says:

    Dear Mr. Tsiaras? My ass! This guy is a criminal with very little concern for human life. The United Nations members should put their coffee and doughnuts down for a minute and take care of these people at see first and then take care of Mr. Tsiaras secondly.

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