Don’t Ruin Students’ Futures with Unfair Predictive Algorithms

Target: Dr. Siva Kumari, Director General of the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Goal: Offer alternative examination options to students denied opportunity to take critical tests.

Thousands of students in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools across Europe and Asia have had economic and educational prospects endangered by a faulty grading system. COVID-19 forced IB administrators in Geneva to cancel exams, which make up the bulk of final grades in these schools. Instead, an algorithm was quickly thrown together which averaged individual students’ grades and predicted an exam grade. This number was issued as the final result without any input from students, schools, or parents.

The IB Board of Governors has argued that this is the fairest way to award final grades without in-person exams, despite the fact that the averages have even been found to be inaccurate under this new grading system. Determining a student’s future on the basis of an arbitrary number flies in the face of free and fair education. Sign the petition below to demand that a better alternative be offered to these students.


Dear Dr. Kumari,

The use of algorithms to predict grades is wholly unfair. Furthermore, your organization’s approach isn’t even accurate. Students depend on exam grades to secure work placement opportunities and university admissions, and to begin building the professional qualifications which will determine the course of their careers and their lives.

I demand that you and the International Baccalaureate Board of Governors consult with remote testing and educational experts to find an alternative. Assigning students a random and inaccurate number at the culmination of years of hard work is a violation of the principle of education.


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