Protect Natural Waters from Pollution

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Remove rule that excludes many natural waters in the United States from being protected from pollution.

America’s freshwater bodies face a devastating new threat. A new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) excludes many waterbodies, like streams and wetlands, from being protected from pollution.

The Navigable Waters Protection Rule alters the Clean Water Act by limiting regulation on pollution to waterbodies with continuous surface connections. This means that only water that is well connected to other waterbodies on the surface will be protected from pollution. Companies will be free to pollute and drill underground streams, groundwater, and wetlands, contaminating water that people and the environment rely on.

Wetlands and streams are home to thousands of unique plants and animals and are important sites for wildlife. If pollution regulations are cut, these diverse ecosystems will be sorely damaged by contamination. When pollution gets into the water source, animals and plants will get sick. These ecosystems are already suffering from the rapid changes caused by climate change, adding pollution to the mix will make things even worse.

Opening up waterbodies to unregulated pollution and drilling puts the health of both people and the environment at risk. Sign the petition below to demand that all waterbodies in the United States be protected from pollution.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

The Navigable Waters Protection Rule fails to consider scientific research and neglects the health effects of opening up American waterbodies to pollution. The rule says that only water that is well connected to other waterbodies on the surface is to be protected under the law. Under this rule change, underground streams and wetlands are not protected from pollution. These natural waters are home to a host of plants and animals that would suffer greatly if their water were contaminated. Pollution could also end up in the drinking water if unregulated in these areas.

Scientists have decried this rule, pointing out its negative effects on watershed systems. Regulations concerning water should protect people and the environment from pollution, but instead this rule opens up our water sources to contamination. To protect public and environmental health, I demand that you revoke the Navigable Waters Protection Rule and maintain regulations on all water pollution.


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Mr. Wheeler: ALL WATERWAYS ARE INTERCONNECTED. You cannot pollute one without affecting others. The American people DEMAND that you protect ALL WATERS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    How many petitions have we signed in the past – and still everyone is sitting pretty in their offices, well-paid without moving a finger!
    Everyone seems to be in for the money the hefty pension.

  3. Jose Espino says:

    To many of our leaders and environmental protection agencies, a little bit of water is not important. This shows a dangerous high level of intelligence we must beware of.

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