Stop Brutal Butchering of Turkish Frogs for Their Legs

Target: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey

Goal: Stop the brutal slaughter of innocent frogs by banning the sale of their legs in restaurants.

Millions of Turkish water frogs are viciously slaughtered on a daily basis, where their legs are considered a delicacy among diners. The frogs are captured in large numbers, then slashed, gutted, and cut into pieces by chefs. Those who die on the trip from water to restaurant are the lucky ones, as the survivors are often butchered or even served while still alive. Video footage shows one grilled frog trying to crawl its way off the plate.

This is beyond disgusting, absolutely inhumane. These innocent creatures are essentially being tortured for a profit, sold across Turkey and other countries as meals for greedy gourmets. Not a single thought is given to their welfare, to the fact that they are living creatures who deserve better than this. Worse, the population has fallen so low that the species could be extinct within the decade.

We must not only stop these vicious and inhumane killing methods, but also protect the Turkish water frog population from further capture and slaughter. Sign this petition to outlaw the serving of frogs’ legs in restaurants across the globe.


Dear President Erdoğan,

Every day, millions of Turkish water frogs are viciously butchered alive so that restaurants across the globe can serve their legs and carcasses to patrons. Many of the frogs die en route to the restaurants, especially the ones shipped from country to country, and the ones who survive are chopped and gutted. Some have even been served alive.

You must put a stop to this horrific, inhumane practice. The population of water frogs has declined rapidly as they are captured and killed, and they will be extinct within the decade if this continues. You must stop the sale of frogs’ legs by putting an end to these captures and the shipment of them to restaurants within your country. Help us protect and preserve the Turkish water frog population before it is too late.


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Photo Credit: Nikon D7200


  1. I dare these vile evil severe animal abusing/murdering cretins to meet with me in real life,face to face have a surprise ready and waiting for them and it is called payback!!!! OH YES!!! Come on I dare you!!!!

  2. Que gente más cruel!!! Espero que las personas que comen rana mueran intoxicadas ..o de covid-19!!!!!

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