Don’t Keep American Citizens from Their Homes

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Protect the right of American citizens and permanent residents to enter the United States.

American citizens may soon be denied entry to their own home country. The Trump administration has proposed a rule change that would allow border officials to deny American citizens and permanent residents entry to the United States if it can be “reasonably believed” they had exposure or infection of a communicable disease. The new rules would be arbitrarily carried out by border officials, without a clear definition of what evidence of exposure or infection is needed to justify denying entry.

The rule change is clearly the Trump administration using the COVID-19 pandemic to further their own xenophobic goals. While this rule technically is about Americans, its largest effect would be on people of color, especially Americans crossing the border from Mexico. Trump will find any way he can to deny immigrants, even if they have established themselves as U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Denying American citizens entry into the U.S. is unconstitutional. It doesn’t make any sense to bar people from their own country. And while the pandemic is a very real issue that needs addressing, closing the borders to citizens will do nothing to fix it. What the U.S. needs is greater support for healthcare and competent leadership that takes concrete action on public health. Sign the petition below to demand that the right of citizens to re-enter the country be protected.


Dear President Trump,

A rule change has been proposed that would allow border officials to deny entry to American citizens and permanent residents if it can be “reasonably believed” that they have been exposed to or infected with communicable diseases. This arbitrary rule is ill-defined and would give border officials broad powers in denying citizens entry to the United States. The proposed law is unconstitutional because Americans have a right to live in the United States.

Closing the border to American citizens and residents will do nothing to solve the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. The real problem is that the virus is spreading within the nation, not spreading from outside. Denying citizens entry will have negligible effects on the number of cases in the U.S. I demand that you protect the right of Americans to live in the United States and throw out this proposed rule change.


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