Hundreds of Missing Women Feared Dead From Domestic Violence Deserve Justice

Target:  Richard Douglas Zubiate Talledo, Director General of the National Police of Peru

Goal: Combat deadly domestic violence that may have led to deaths of 915 women and girls.

In just a three-month span, over 900 women and girls have gone missing in Peru, with the alarming numbers likely higher due to underreporting. Tragically, many of these females—70-plus percent of whom are minors—are believed deceased from possible domestic violence. The country suffers from the third-highest rate of COVID-19 infections in Latin America, and the resulting prolonged lockdowns likely put highly vulnerable populations at much greater risk for isolation and abuse.

Unfortunately, systemic inequalities within the country have only compounded this crisis. Peru lacks a national database for the reporting of missing persons: a glaring oversight some politicians have vowed to fix. An even more disturbing issue rests within the nation’s police force. Authorities often dismiss missing people as runaways. In some cases, officers have even been caught making jokes about victims of domestic violence. This culture of indifference and lack of empathy cannot continue.

Sign the petition below to urge reforms in the departments that took an oath to serve and protect.


Dear Mr. Zubiate Talledo,

As cases of COVID-19 have risen in Peru, missing persons reports have soared in tandem. At last count, this number stood at 915…most of whom are young girls. In too many of these cases, an investigation will most likely lead not to a living person but to a dead body. Advocates fear these missing women and girls are the latest casualties of another epidemic sweeping the country: domestic violence.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the thought of frightened women trapped with their abusers is the prospect of a police force that pokes fun of these situations. If even one officer treats such serious crimes with a sneer or a joke, then that number is one officer too many. Please launch a full investigation into these cases. Further, institute training programs that mold officers to be empathetic, diligent defenders of all community members. Finally, join in the calls for a national missing persons database in the wake of this alarming trend.

Help create better protections, and fight for a better, safer country.


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Photo Credit: Keith Tyler

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  1. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Mr. Zubiate Talledo,
    Una paisana le pide a Ud. hacer algo porque las mujeres no sean victimas diariamente de la brutalidad ‘masculina’ — que cese de una vez por todas el famoso
    ‘mas te quiero mas te pego’
    caracteristico de los nativos peruanos. Ya es hora de hacer justicia y a la vez de crear nuevas carceles, para que estas no se desocupen cada vez que necesitan internar a alguien, sin que los ‘liberados’ terminen de cumplir su condena.
    Muchas gracias.

  2. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Sr.Zubiate Talledo,
    Se necesitan escuelas en la mayoria de las regiones del Peru, que enseñen etica, educacion religiosa y respeto por las mujeres.
    Comisarias que detengan a las personas denunciadas, que sepan impoartir justicia y lleven a los tribunales a todos los inculpados, que no se dejen ‘sobornar’ o lr resten importancia a las denuncias que luego terminan en crimenes.
    Esperamos una solucion definitiva suya paar que no se sigan cometiendo todas estas atrocidades.
    Muy atentamente,

  3. Maria X. Carbonell says:

    Es vergonzoso ver como los ‘abusadores’ de mujeres en el Peru terminan siendo liberados por ‘falta de pruebas’ o porque la denuncia no es lo suficientemente ‘importante’ para tomarla en cuenta.
    Acudimos a Ud. para que habiendo sido elegido ‘Director de la Policia Peruana’ – se digne cambiar las ‘reglas del juego’ de manera que todos los cobardes que victimizan a sus mujeres terminen presos.

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