President Trump: Revise Shoddy and Unconstitutional COVID-19 Relief Plan

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Revise executive power COVID-19 relief plan.

President Trump revealed further COVID-19 relief plans from his New Jersey golf club that are unclear and perhaps unconstitutional. The plans threaten to leave millions of Americans who are out of work waiting in vain for federal assistance that might never come. The new coronavirus relief package reduces federal unemployment benefits that were already quite low at $600 per month. The package was also supposed to address “assistance to renters and homeowners,” but it does not extend the eviction moratorium that was in place at the beginning of the pandemic but has since expired.

Many opposers have suggested that President Trump’s announcement of this second COVID-19 relief plan is more of a political stunt than a thought out course of action for US citizens that are desperately in need of help. To make this type of political announcement from his private golf course is unheard of. Additionally, the announcement of the relief plan came alongside untrue claims about the upcoming presidential election as well as the true state of the pandemic in the US. President Trump also claimed that the plan will defer payroll tax contributions until the end of the pandemic, but only Congress can set tax policy, so this claim might fall outside of his power.

Larry Kudlow, one of the president’s top economic advisors, told CNN that the White House had not even conferred with states before announcing that they would shoulder some of the economic burden of paying out unemployment. “We will probably find that out today and tomorrow,” Kudlow said.

Sign this petition to urge President Trump to revise his secondary COVID-19 relief plan to best serve the people of the United States as opposed to his own personal political agenda.


Dear President Trump,

During a time of economic and personal suffering for many Americans, it is the citizens that should be at the forefront of any of your decisions—not your own reelection. Your refusal to negotiate around a secondary relief plan for COVID-19 along with your decision to make an executive decision and then announce the plans from your private New Jersey golf course speak to your prioritization of being seen by the public as the sole savior. However, it would be much more helpful and clear if plans were discussed with Congress and state-level governments before being announced. This would ensure that the relief that you promise the American people, like continued—albeit lower—unemployment benefits and deferred payroll taxes, are constitutional and economically possible. I urge you to revise your second COVID-19 relief plan.


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