Stop Sale of Kangaroo Leather

Target: Aurelia Skipwith, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Ban the sale of kangaroo leather products across the United States.

Stores across the United States are selling shoes and other products made of kangaroo leather. Only California has made an effort to ban these sales, and out-of-state retailers are still sending these products into the state. Worse, the species’ native home of Australia has not outright banned the trade and sale of the animals for their leather.

The kangaroo is currently a vulnerable species that faces many threats, hunting being a major one. Kangaroos are hunted for both their hides and their meat, the former being used by major sport companies such as Nike and Puma. There are restrictions on the kangaroo trade, but no outright bans, and this is the problem. It should not be legal at all to hunt and kill these animals for their hides, solely to make a profit via selling them as trendy sportswear.

We cannot allow the wholesale slaughter and sale of kangaroos to continue. Sign this petition to completely ban the sale of all kangaroo leather products across the United States.


Dear Director Skipwith,

Stores across the country are selling kangaroo leather products. The only state to have made an effort to ban such sales is California, and their efforts have come up short. Worse, Australia has no strict rules against the trade and sale of the material despite kangaroos being a national and iconic animal for them.

Kangaroos are extremely vulnerable to many threats worldwide, particularly hunters who want to sell them for a profit. Many companies still use kangaroo leather to make trendy sport products, and the United States makes this much too easy. We cannot allow people to keep destroying the kangaroo population for the sake of selfish monetary gain. You must ban the sale and trade of their hide as soon as possible.


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Photo Credit: Bilby Summerhill

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