Sick Dog That Allegedly Died While Tied Up Outside Deserves Justice

Target: Mathias Heck, Jr., Prosecuting Attorney of Montgomery County, Ohio

Goal: Charge individuals whose sick pet dog allegedly died while left outside in extreme heat.

A dog allegedly died in the hot sun while tied up to a tree. Although the people thought to be responsible for this animal cruelty have not been publicly identified, the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has pressed charges against them. They need to spend the most time in prison possible if it is found they are responsible for their dog’s death.

According to neighbors, the dog had been tied to a tree without access to water for hours before authorities arrived. Reports indicate that the dog died from parvovirus, which is a highly contagious and dangerous virus that can quickly kill a canine. However, even though the animal did not allegedly die as a result of heat exposure, leaving an animal chained up in the hot sun for long periods of time is simply inexcusable. Officers were reportedly able to rescue a second dog from inside the home.

Anyone who treats a dog like this should not be allowed to own animals. Sign this petition to demand the people allegedly responsible for this abuse permanently get their puppy taken away and further demand that they spend time behind bars if they are found guilty of these heartless acts.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Heck,

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center recently filed charges against unidentified dog owners for reportedly tying their dog to a tree and leaving the animal outside without water. They need to receive the strictest punishment the law will allow if they are found guilty of this unfounded animal abuse.

Neighbors told police that the dog had been tied up for hours before he died. Parvovirus was later found to be the cause of death. However, if the dog had been tied up to a tree for hours, an unethical act was still committed. Furthermore, if the allegations are true, the owners likely did not get their dog regular veterinary care, which could be why the parvovirus was not detected earlier. While it is good news that officers were apparently able to rescue a puppy from the home, the people who are reportedly responsible for these acts should not be allowed to have pets. We therefore demand you suggest they not be given back their puppy and that they receive the most stringent sentence possible if they are found guilty of abusing this innocent dog.


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Photo Credit: Fancycrave

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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    Sick, horribly demented people who would make an animal suffer like this.
    They should be arrested and prosecuted.

  2. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    There is NO EXCUSE for this evil treatment of ANY PET—EVER!!! I can only wish the same for these heartless, soulless BASTARDS who did this! 👿 PLS sign to get some justice for this poor helpless dog!!!

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