Animals Reportedly Barely Able to Move Inside Cramped, Filthy Cages Deserve Justice

Target: Gallatin County, Montana District Attorney, Marty Lambert

Goal: Give woman severest legal sentence for allegedly allowing animals to live in their own waste inside a hot basement without appropriate food or water.

Sixty-seven animals were allegedly housed in a filthy, over-heated basement without proper food or water. Kami Marie Reihman was arrested shortly afterwards for animal cruelty in connection with the crime. She needs to spend the maximum time behind bars if she is found guilty of these acts of animal abuse.

Reihman was charged with over 10 acts of felony aggravated animal cruelty after many animals were reportedly found locked up in a hot basement near a toilet that smelled of waste. According to authorities, there were many puppies shoved inside a kennel, where they could barely move. Authorities stated that some kennels were buried in animal hair and waste. Other cages were allegedly also filthy.

Multiple kittens and cats were reportedly found, along with exotic animals such as lizards and a chinchilla. Other wild animals and farm animals were also allegedly rescued. Officers further indicated they found dogs and sheep that were dangerously thin. Lizards were also allegedly found without food or water, and dead chickens and hens were apparently found in the backyard.

Reihman was on probation for elderly extortion when officers visited her home. Authorities allegedly found loaded weapons and alcohol on the property, which are considered to be probation violations. Additionally, Reihman has other misdemeanor animal cruelty charges that are still pending. This woman should not be allowed to remain in society if these allegations are true. Sign this petition to demand she get the harshest legal sentence for these alleged acts of animal cruelty, to better ensure other animals will be safe.


Dear District Attorney Lambert,

Kami Marie Reihman was recently cited with over 10 felony counts of animal cruelty after over sixty animals were allegedly found living in an extremely hot basement without adequate food or water. It was further reported they were locked inside cages and covered in their own waste. Reihman needs to be given the most stringent sentence possible if she is found guilty of such unfathomable animal cruelty.

Reihman was on probation for extortion when she received a visit from authorities. Upon entering the home, officers allegedly found multiple animals trapped in a basement that were being kept inside unclean cages and kennels near a dirty toilet. Numerous puppies were reportedly unable to effectively move around inside their kennels, which were filled with urine, feces, and animal hair. Cages used to house other animals were allegedly also disgusting. In addition, dogs and sheep that were said to be too thin were also found. All types of animals were reportedly seized from the property, including, kittens, cats, farm animals and various types of exotics. Lizards that reportedly had no access to food or water were also found. It was further reported that dead chickens and hens were discovered in the backyard.

Treating animals like this should not be tolerated. We therefore demand you suggest Reihman get the longest prison sentence possible if she is found guilty of these senseless acts of animal abuse.


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  1. This vile animal abusing bitch requires instigation of the death penalty.

  2. Gloria Navan says:

    Please put this monster in jail for a long time.

  3. This person already proved she is a danger to people and to animals. Let the punishment fit the crime. She needs to have her freedom of abuse taken away from her forever.

  4. This monster KMR must be severely punished and we the public demand justice for all these animals and are watching to make sure that happens. She is a repeat offender and so she must be banned forever from having any animals, fined a huge amount(plus all the vet bills that these animal accumulate until they find new homes) jailed for 3-4 years and demand psychiatric help as she is a real sicko.

    I hope all these poor animals recover and find wonderful new homes that they deserve.

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