Save Child Brides From Violence, Oppression, and Death

Target: South & Southeast Asia Office of Asia Council

Goal: Condemn child marriages that subject youth to abuse and educational inequality.

In the wake of troubling surges in domestic violence and cybersex trafficking comes a disturbing new report that child marriages are also on the rise in South Asia. Nearly 300 million child brides already reside in this region, and public health professionals now fear the ongoing pandemic may add millions more to the tally. Intense economic strain and dwindling access to educational opportunity caused by the pandemic are forecasted to exacerbate this already-critical crisis.

These exploitative unions do much more than steal away a young person’s childhood.  Child marriages by their very nature are designed to rob girls in particular of the chance to go to school and gain independent knowledge. Such marriages also seek to keep a girl “pure” by forcing her into situations that can only be labeled as sexual abuse. A comprehensive study of this pervasive practice has linked child marriages to higher rates of domestic violence, genital mutilation, and so-called honor killings. The world should no longer turn a blind eye and sacrifice an entire generation of young people to an outdated institution that deprives them of dignity, freedom, and self-worth.

Sign the petition below to take an important stand against this barbaric relic of shameful oppression.


Dear Asia Council Executives,

Half of women in South Asia report a marriage before the age of 18. With the unique challenges caused by this global pandemic, that number is expected to climb even higher. As a result, hundreds of millions of girls will lose their autonomy, their innocence, their educational opportunities, and—in the most extreme case of honor killings—their very lives. You must not let this widespread violation continue unchallenged.

The Asia Council unites countries and leaders from across the continent in an effort to initiate meaningful dialogue and action on issues of regional concern. Please make this crucial issue a priority. Unleash the potential of all citizens and work for a decisive end to a practice that puts Asia’s youth at risk for abuse and crushing lifelong inequality.


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  1. Jose Espino says:

    In America we call it child rape and if you get caught by the legal system you’ll do some heavy time. If you get caught by the child’s family, you will undergo a sex change.

  2. Justin Recht says:

    I am sure not all men are like this but it speaks volumes about the general male psyche in these areas – in the West they could be called child rapists, pedophiles, perverts.

    No respect for the innocent, no respect for women – it is them that give life including to these abusers.

  3. Joyce O'Malley says:

    This is child torture and rape in the US
    I cant believe women has to still put up with this kind of crimes against women in 2020
    The world has a long way to go to stop oppression of women – I dont think it will happen in my lifetime

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