Rename High School Titled After Racist Governor

Target: Judson Warlick, Principal of B.B. Comer Memorial High School

Goal: Rename B.B. Comer Memorial High School and stop memorializing an open racist.

B.B. Comer Memorial High School in Alabama desperately needs a new name, as it is currently named for a former Alabama governor who openly used racial slurs. The times are changing in America, and that change includes tearing down monuments to racists.

As governor, B.B. Comer famously opposed equality and organized labor. He was quoted as referring to Black miners fighting for equal rights using a racial slur and calling them lazy for striking. Whether or not this was seen as acceptable at the time is of no consequence: it is not acceptable now, and no high school should be named after a racist. Sign our petition and demand that B.B. Comer Memorial High School is renamed.


Dear Principal Warlick,

The time has come to push for a change. B.B. Comer was not a man worthy of praise or memorialization. He not only opposed organized labor and advocated against the rights of working people, he was also an open racist who saw Black people as less than whites. This is not an acceptable man to have any public building named after.

There are many great people in the history of Alabama who would be far better choices for a school to be named after. The only way we can truly put racism in the past is by making it clear that racists are not worthy of memorials. Push to rename your high school and stop memorializing a racist.


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