Stop the Barbaric Slaughter of Endangered Pangolins

Target: Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment of China

Goal: Stop China’s continued brutal slaughter of endangered pangolins to be sold as meals.

Every day across Asia, thousands of endangered pangolins are killed for their meat in the most disgustingly barbaric fashion. The poor creatures are beaten until their organs are a bloody pulp, only to be kept alive just long enough to feel the agony as they are boiled to death in steaming hot cauldrons.

To say this is unacceptable and horrifying would be an understatement. These pangolins are subject to one of the most inhumane deaths imaginable for an animal, all for the sake of a profit to be made from their meat. Furthermore, the pangolin is a legally protected species, making this method of killing not only unethical, but illegal. It is especially bad in China, where the government supposedly promised to uphold protection of the pangolin; instead, they still allow these atrocities to continue.

We must put an end to the barbaric deaths of so many pangolins before the species slides dangerously close to extinction. Sign this petition to urge China to outlaw the killing of pangolins for their meat and the sale of that meat in restaurants.


Dear Minister Li,

Every day, thousands of pangolins are brutally beaten and tossed into boiling cauldrons while they are still alive. Many restaurants in China and across Asia as a whole employ this method, selling the meat daily to customers for a profit. This has been happening for far too long, despite China’s promise to uphold the protection of the species.

Pangolins are seriously endangered, already having been subjected to death for the sale and trade of their scales to be used in medicine. Due to several carrying the original coronavirus, they have been made a scapegoat, with many wishing to eradicate them to protect the human population. The barbaric way in which they are killed for their meat, however, is simply unacceptable, and you must put a stop to it. You must outlaw the killing of pangolins for meals immediately.


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Photo Credit: Wildlife Alliance


  1. This is so very heartbreaking and this is why we have this virus. People are just so stupid and seem to not have any respect for animals.

  2. D. Farrimond says:

    Looking at the way they torture people and animals makes me think back to prehistoric man – maybe we should send some archaeologists over for another look? .. maybe get some sense about the bullshit traditional medicine too?

    • I’m going to go out on a limb and state that prehistoric man didn’t behave like this. They had respect for the land and the animals they killed.

  3. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    The Chinese have disgusting dietary habits, are horrifically cruel to most animals & I really DESPISE them right now for what I consider their DELIBERATE sharing of COVID-19 with the WORLD!
    They don’t care how many PEOPLE they KILL, let alone animals!!!

  4. Manuela Lopez says:

    Stop the killing of our treasures.

  5. malditos chineses tinha que fazer isso com os filhos deles povo maldito repugnantes esse viros tinha que matar todos eles

  6. Please put a stop to this horrific practice. Pangolins are already endangered. Please stop killing the few remaining pangolins, especially in such a barbaric and inhumane method.

  7. Zara! Tubman says:

    China doesn’t care

  8. Next thing the chinese people will enjoy eating will be feces.
    and let’s hope another pandemia doesn’t come our way …

  9. Just barbaric and uncivilized people could have the guts to do that …
    Very repulsive!

    • They don’t have the guts you comment,these evil Chinese are psychopathic depraved monsters on our planet and get their thrill out of heinously and deliberately torturing and murdering the precious and innocent wildlife and animals.
      Down with vile and evil China.

  10. Jaime Perez says:

    This horrible practice must be stopped now. Animals are precious and should be treated with kindness and respect.

  11. The vile and evil animal torturing murdering Chinese monsters from hell are the vilest of animal and wildlife torturers Worldwide.

    It is about time this vile and evil Chinese race was wiped off the planet.

  12. The vile and evil animal torturing murdering Chinese deliberately released the coronavirus / COVID 19 on the World. They are out to take over the World and these Chinese monsters must be stopped.
    In what everway they can be stopped,the Chinese filth on our planet.
    They are the monsters on our planet earth.


  14. Jose Espino says:

    Hey ignorant Chinese. What type of virus does it take for you to start behaving like humans?

  15. Justin Recht says:

    No yet enough Karma?
    I curse them all – May God show no mercy!

  16. Hope they all fucking choke to death on all the poor unfortunate Animals they torture to death. Fucking scum sadists will NEVER learn. Burn in hell. they all will
    R.I.P ALL ANIMALS xxxxxxxx

  17. Slaughter the poachers and end consumers

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