Prohibit Wildlife Trade that Spreads Disease

Target: Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

Goal: Prohibit wildlife trade and importation to prevent future pandemics.

Unchecked animal trade, game hunting, and illegal wildlife importation have led to deadly pandemics throughout history. However, a bill to prohibit wildlife trade and importation in California is awaiting approval from the governor. This bill would be a preventative measure against future pandemics, banning imports of wildlife and invasive species that spread zoonotic disease. The bill would also prohibit the possession of large overhunted African animals such as lions, rhinos, and elephants.

Although the exact origins of the COVID-19 virus are unknown, it is predicted that it was a result of contact and consumption of wild animals carrying zoonotic diseases. Essentially, a version of the virus adapted and spread from wild animals to humans. To prevent something like this from happening again, restrictions need to be placed on wild game hunting and trading.

Banning the importation of wild non-native species is not only important for protecting public health, but also for protecting native wildlife. Invasive species take over ecosystems and push out native species. Limiting the spread of invasive species is necessary for protecting biodiversity.

This wildlife trade and possession ban would defend public health and preserve the biodiversity of California. To avoid another pandemic and an ecosystem collapse, legislation like this is vital. Sign the petition to urge California to protect public health and biodiversity.


Dear Governor Newsom,

The COVID-19 pandemic likely began with someone contracting an adaptation of a zoonotic disease through wildlife trading or consumption. Banning practices of wildlife trade is necessary to prevent future pandemics. The SB-1175 bill would ban wildlife trade and importation, both to prevent another public health crisis and to preserve biodiversity.

This bill would also protect the native species of California by prohibiting the importation of invasive species. The wildlife and biodiversity of California is threatened by certain non-native species that are known to take over ecosystems and push out native species. This is disruptive to ecosystems that are home to highly complex and interdependent species.

In order to avoid another pandemic and the collapse of biodiverse ecosystems, a ban on wildlife trade and importation is needed. I encourage you to approve bill SB-1175 to protect public health and biodiversity.


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Photo Credit: Alex Wild

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    The COVID-19 virus most likely started in the Wuhan, China virology lab and IMHO, was DELIBERATELY RELEASED UPON THE WORLD TO DEPOPULATE THE WORLD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. China has grand ambitions of weakening & infiltrating the USA & making it another communist nation – WE, the PEOPLE need to wake up & face reality before it’s too late!!!!!

  2. Joanie Liuzzi says:

    Dear Gavin, I am a retired college counselor of six years ago. Passion for animal welfare.

    Last December, as I read a graphic, very disturbing article on the yearly Yulin Dog and cat festival, where 10,000 dogs are skinned alive, blow torched and barbecued and boiled alive in China. I was in horror! Due to Coronavirus, it was to be permanently banned, but went on as planned in June. You can google it.

    Please help get rid of this horrible, barbaric ritual. Dogs are tortured beforehand, as Chinese believe it makes them more virile and the meat tastier.

    Some are rescued, most are tortured. Happens in other parts of the world, Indonesia, Africa.


  4. Jose Espino says:

    Yep. Chinese will eat anything that flies, walk, swims, crawls and hasn’t been dead for over 24 hours. Or maybe 48 on a bad day.

  5. We should prohibit ALL wildlife trade, not just the trade that spreads disease.

  6. Justin Recht says:

    I pray that they all get a 100 more than they deserve – pain, suffering, fear!

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