Punish Armed Forces Who Allegedly Rape, Kidnap, and Murder Indigenous Peoples

Target: Iván Duque Márquez, President of Colombia

Goal: Ensure investigations into alleged sexual assaults and other crimes reportedly perpetrated by soldiers.

Soldiers in Colombia who are supposed to safeguard civilians stand accused of brutal acts of sexual violence against indigenous girls. A 15-year-old from the Nukak Makú tribe was reportedly kidnapped, tortured, and gang-raped. The girl had apparently been held in a military barracks, where she was discovered five days after first being reported missing. This disturbing accusation follows in the wake of the alleged gang-rape of a 13-year-old indigenous girl. At least seven soldiers reportedly admitted to this earlier crime, added to 100-plus soldiers charged with other sexually based crimes.

While an army general claims an investigation is ongoing, the people have little reason to believe this late claim. Over a six-year period, military personnel within the country have been accused of kidnappings and murders numbering in the thousands. Often, these abuses are seemingly written off officially as defenses against rebels. Military spying is also said to be commonplace. Disproportionately, critics claim, human rights violations carried out by soldiers target indigenous minorities.

Sign the petition below to demand accountability from armed forces who have allegedly abused their power to degrade and dehumanize other human beings.


Dear President Duque,

“We as an institution are not hiding anything from anyone.” This response came from the leadership of an armed forces recently accused of at least two horrific crimes within its ranks. Both incidents allegedly involved violent and sustained sexual assaults against minors, and both incidents were apparently inflicted upon vulnerable indigenous populations. The remaining parallel between these reported crimes rests with the accused: soldiers from the Colombian army.

Citizens have risked their health to protest against injustices they see as not an anomaly but as symptoms of a corrosive threat every bit as dangerous as any virus. These citizens have lost faith in hollow, empty promises of justice. They do not trust that their leaders are looking out for their best interests, and they fear the very individuals who pledged to protect them. The longstanding accusations of brutality against Colombia’s armed forces—reported crimes that recently led to charges against over 100 soldiers—must be confronted and remedied.

Please take an important step toward restoring the faith of the Colombian people by holding all soldiers found guilty of committing these gross violations accountable for their actions and by reforming a military that may pose a grave danger to tis own citizenry.


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Photo Credit: Carlos Ortega


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