Prosecute Accused Penguin Thieves

Target: The Honourable Elise Archer, Attorney General of Tasmania

Goal: Punish men charged with penguin and egg theft.

Two Tasmanian men were charged with stealing a penguin and two eggs from a breeding colony. Reports state that the police arrived before they could escape with their spoils, though there is no word on whether or not the men will face court time for their alleged actions.

Wildlife theft is a serious offense, especially that of protected wildlife. The motivation of the thieves is yet unknown, but their alleged attempts alone are bad enough. Theft of a bird is cruel enough, but their eggs are even more valuable, as the hatchlings are vital to keeping the species’ numbers near any sense of stability. We must consider the very real possibility that these vulnerable creatures were meant to be sold on the black market’s wildlife trade, as has been the case with too many animal thefts in the past.

It is extremely fortunate that the accused thieves were caught before any serious harm could come to the penguin and the eggs, but charges alone are not enough. These men must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law to discourage future thefts or attempted thefts. Sign this petition to see that justice is served.


Dear Attorney General Archer,

Two men were recently arrested on charges of wildlife theft after allegedly breaking into a penguin breeding colony and taking a penguin, as well as two eggs. Their motivations have yet to be made public, but it is all too possible that they intended to sell the creature and the eggs as part of the wildlife trade.

You must ensure that these men have all applicable charges brought against them. Wildlife theft is a serious offense, and while this particular penguin and eggs were fortunate enough to be returned before any major harm could come to them, past incidents have not ended so well. Make examples of these men, and discourage any future attempts to kidnap protected wildlife species.


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Photo Credit: JJ Harrison

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