Animals Reportedly Skinned, Hanged, and Crushed by Woman on Social Media Deserve Justice

Target: Josh Minkler, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana

Goal: Punish woman who allegedly tortured animals to death and filmed the cruel acts.

A weeks-long investigation by ordinary citizens and law enforcement alike has resulted in an arrest in an alleged horrific case of animal cruelty involving scores of cats and dogs. Sickened social media users first began seeing videos and pictures of someone skinning, hanging, and otherwise brutally killing animals on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Over the next two months, the person seemingly associated with these atrocities (who had named themselves Crazy Cat Lady) continued posting highly disturbing images of torture and ultimate slaughter.

Determined advocates sought to track down the individual responsible. A subsequent investigation by authorities, who initially believed the perpetrator to be a man in Idaho, led to a 19-year-old Indiana woman’s arrest. Krystal Scott now faces charges under both a federal animal crush law and the newly minted Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act.

Scott had been suspected by local police of animal cruelty, but they lacked evidence to indict her. When law enforcement obtained a warrant for this woman’s dwelling, however, they reportedly discovered the most damning and disturbing evidence. Scott’s home allegedly contained multiple skulls and body parts believed to belong to deceased animals. Several living cats, dogs, and lizards were also found and perhaps spared from a grotesque fate. Reports claim that Scott secured animals by answering online ads from people searching for a good home for their pets.

Now that the alleged perpetrator of these unfathomable acts of cruelty is behind bars, sign the petition below to help ensure she stays there for a long time to come, if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Minkler,

An animal cruelty investigation that spanned from Idaho to Indiana, and across several social media platforms, has finally led to an arrest. Tragically, untold numbers of cats and dogs reportedly lost their lives in the interim. The case of Krystal Scott must be seen through to its appropriate conclusion.

Scott stands accused of skinning, hanging, and slaughtering innocent animals she obtained from unsuspecting online pet owners. Even worse, if possible, she then allegedly distributed these sickening, inhumane acts online for the world to see. Such actions, if they happened as reported, demonstrate a level of depravity and sociopathic tendencies that must be unequivocally condemned.

Please prosecute and seek penalties for these horrifying alleged acts to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Double Compile

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  1. debra goldstein lustig says:


  2. This asshole bitch needs to be behind bars, also she’s gotta be the dumbest asshole to post her sick videos! Hope it doesn’t have children!

    • I couldn’t find any cruel videos Neither on Instagram nor in tiktok by the user crazy cat lady. Maybe this petition is fake.

  3. Raymond Stevens says:

    This psycho asshole deserves to get the living shit beat out of her THEN send her to prison and tell the other inmates what she did.

  4. Laura Adams says:

    Hopefully, justice will be served while she’s behind bars.

  5. This sick POS deserves life in prison for the sick acts of cruelty as well as pain & suffering she cause these poor defenseless animals! She should have these acts done to her!

  6. Justin Recht says:

    An Eye for an Eye is the only justice – never mind a mental institution = wasted on dirt like her.

  7. This is one sick world and Man is a disease to this planet. This person is insane and what is the punishment going to be???!!! These most vunerable babies were tortured/skinned alive and filmed in agony life with draining by this twisted trash and for other sick pos’s to see!!! No mercy, just as there was absolutely no mercy for these most innocent.

  8. Linda Goby says:

    this bitch needs to be thrown in jail for a very long time! This is how serial killers start!

  9. Susan Taylor says:

    This is murder and she should get life in prison. But preferably she should be tortured and skinned alive then left to rot….RIP all the innocent cats and dogs that were cruelly murdered by this evil cowardly devil…

  10. This psycho lunatic bitch ” Krystal Scott ” she needs to be most harsh punishment by under the law and by God. She is absolutely evil psycho lunatic bitch and she is heartless animal abuser and animal killer!!! We all demand on severely punishment of this person. No mercy for this psycho lunatic bitch.

  11. American Girl says:

    Find this mutant piece of shit, plaster her name & location on billboards, flyers, your grocery store wherever. She should look over her shoulder at every given turn. Just remember, Beware of Darkness Douchebag!
    Give her the Karma she deserves in honor of these beautiful long suffering animals….

  12. Hang the bitch publicly!

  13. Rita McNany says:

    Ban this murderer from all social media! Do not allow her to profit from her killing sprees of innocent animals! Too bad the death penalty is not an option!

  14. Quick question; does anyone saw any cruel videos in crazy cat lady’s Instagram or tiktok account? I couldn’t. Looks like this petition is fake.

    • Sara Connor says:

      It’s probably been taken down because it’s police evidence. Just sign the damn thing and move on without labeling everything as “fake”. If you don’t want to sign it then it’s probably because you don’t support this petition, which means you’re an animal abuser and you need rot in prison.

  15. This human individual is not deserving of breathing Earth’s precious oxygen…

  16. Cynthia Mattera says:

    PLEASE!!!!! Throw the book at this horrible woman!!! She has done the unspeakable to these helpless animals, who were supposed to be going to a loving home. Instead were tortured, and died a horrible, painful death. Please charge her with a FELONY and make sure she goes to prison!!!!!! Rest in peace all of you who were murdered by this monster 🙁

  17. Nadine brundage says:

    This sick bitch needs to be exterminated and pronto, danger to society, danger to animals. This nut job is beyond rehabilitation and needs to go. Those poor innocent animals were tortured by this demented lunatic and this creature cannot be let loose .

  18. Julia Edinger says:


  19. J. Martin says:

    Fuck jail ….. Do streaming feed torture on her worthless ass EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! It’s what this evil bitch deserves. NO MERCY for the likes of this sub human

  20. Usually masskillers started with killing animals. This woman needs to be put away for ever. If she once would be released, she could turn into a human killer.

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