Justice for Two Brothers Shot by Police

Target: Olympia Police Chief Aaron Jelcick

Goal: Reopen Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin’s case with an outside investigation into the Olympia Police Department.

On May 21st, 2015, two young black brothers, Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin, were shot and permanently injured by an Olympia police officer. The two boys had allegedly stolen a case of beer from the nearby Safeway, and Officer Donald had been deployed to investigate. 

According to Officer Donald, the two brothers attacked him with a skateboard when they were approached, although Thompson and Chaplain have stated that this claim is false. According to the brothers, Officer Donald got out of his car and began shooting without warning. Bryson Chaplin was shot four times, including once in the lung and the spine. Andre Thompson allegedly ran over to his brother and began yelling at the police officer who then shot him in the stomach. Bryson Chaplin is now paralyzed from the waist down, and Andre Thompson says the bullet wound in his stomach bothers him every day.

The investigation that followed centered not on the officer who crippled the two boys, but on the brothers themselves. The Olympia Police Department ruled the shooting to be justified even though Officer Donald has a history of acting recklessly according to a report filed by his sergeant back in 2013. Officer Donald has also been accused of having inconsistencies in his statement, and the forensic scientist who investigated the crime scene said that the evidence does not line up with Donald’s story. 

Despite all the conflicting evidence and having nearly lost their lives, Andre and Bryson were both charged with third-degree assault. It is clear that the Olympia Police Department has a significant bias in this case. The Thompson-Chaplin family deserves justice. Sign this petition today demanding that Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin’s case be reopened, and that an outside investigation of the case begin immediately. Police should never be allowed to investigate themselves. 


Dear Chief Jelcick,

The case involving Andre Thompson, Bryson Chaplin, and Officer Donald has been a subject of national criticism since 2015. Many community members were deeply disturbed to see two young brothers being charged for an incident which almost resulted in the loss of their lives.

The Olympia Police Department should not be able to investigate themselves. Olympia is calling on you to reopen the Thompson and Chaplin case with a separate investigation by an outside party. Please listen to your community and ensure that Andre and Bryson see justice. 


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Photo Credit: Andre Gustavo Stumpf


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