Don’t Promote Dangerous and Unproven Coronavirus Treatments

Target: Jeanine Añez, President of Bolivia

GoalAdvise against popular use of dangerous coronavirus treatments such as chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is being promoted and ingested as a possible treatment for the coronavirus. The solution has become particularly popular in the Latin American country of Bolivia, which suffers from a fractured health care system and poorly funded hospitals.

The coronavirus pandemic is surging in Bolivia and other Latin American countries that have poor health infrastructure and few resources to fight the virus. As a result, officials have backed the use of chlorine dioxide, a bleach used to disinfect swimming pools and floors. Health experts say that drinking the solution is pointless at best and could be very hazardous at worst. Despite their advice, the national Senate approved its use and a top lawmaker threatened to expel the World Health Organization for opposing it.

Because of its potential dangers, regional authorities have turned to testing the chemical on prison inmates. Sign below to demand the Bolivian government stop promoting the dangerous ingestion of chlorine dioxide as a coronavirus treatment.


Dear President Añez,

Health experts across the world have strongly advised against the use of chlorine dioxide as a potential coronavirus treatment. Drinking bleach could be extremely hazardous for a person’s health, especially if they are suffering from Covid-19.

Instead of promoting dangerous, unproven treatments, you should be working to better fund your country’s fragile health infrastructure. In order to protect Bolivians, I demand that you stop promoting the use of chlorine dioxide as a treatment for the coronavirus.


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Photo Credit: Miguel Gonzalez

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