Protect America’s Student Loan Borrowers from Crippling Debt

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Target: Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Protect America’s struggling student loan borrowers by granting extensions and forbearance.

Thousands of student loan borrowers received emails this week notifying them that their loan debt will begin accruing interest again and payments will soon be due. The CARES Act protects borrowers with federally backed loans by placing these loans in forbearance, with no payments due and interest rates set at zero.  This protection is set to expire on September 30th, which is two short months from now. Unemployment is at over 10% and the job market looks grim for recent graduates, making it near impossible for many to begin repaying their student debt.

It’s cruel to reinstate student loan payments during this increasingly difficult time, and so far the Senate has made no significant mention of offering extensions to forbearance in their current relief bill. The House HEROES Act, does offer an extension until September of 2021. It’s imperative that Mitch McConnell include more long-term protections for borrowers in the bill so that loan holders can adjust their repayment plans based on the unplanned reductions in their 2020 incomes and so they don’t get saddled with hundreds or even thousands of dollars of additional interest through no fault of their own. Sign the petition to demand that the Senate offer relief to those struggling with student debt.


Dear Senator McConnell,

Student borrowers in this country, many who risk their health every day as essential workers, may soon be facing crippling debt with no way to repay it. As you know, federal loan forbearance was included in the CARES Act as a temporary fix, envisioning virus transmission to have significantly ebbed before it expires in September. Since this didn’t happen, modifications need to be made to protect individuals with federal loans from default and from accruing thousands of dollars of additional interest.

I implore you to pass the one-year extension included in the HEROES Act to ensure Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own are protected from crippling debt they have no ability to repay. Many are struggling to put food on the table, and they shouldn’t have to worry about lenders coming to call at the same time.


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