UK: Sanction China for Uighur Concentration Camps

Target: Dominic Raab, UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

Goal: Put Sanctions on China in response to the Uighur Muslim concentration camps.

The concentration camps in China are a blatant violation of human rights. The camps specifically imprison Uighur Muslims, a religious and ethnic minority group, to eradicate their culture from China. Prisoners have been tortured, forced to work, and even sterilized. The international community has decried the camps, but China’s lack of a response means that international action needs to be taken.

China has been denying claims for years that they have imprisoned and tortured Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, despite thorough surveillance, documentation, and personal accounts that have proved human rights violations. Many world leaders and nations have called on China to release these prisoners, but the government has acted as if the camps don’t even exist. It’s time to put pressure on China to stop their human rights abuses, using economic sanctions and treaties.

British lawyers are pushing for the United Kingdom to use sanctions and international treaties to force China to close the concentration camps. These sanctions would limit China’s exports and hurt their economy. As one of the largest export countries in the international economy, China would be forced to listen to human rights demands or they could lose much of their capital. Lawyers working for the Bar Human Rights Committee have also argued that along with China having a legal responsibility to its people, the international community has a responsibility to act against human rights abuses. The UK and other nations must take concrete action to protect the lives and culture of Uighur Muslims in China.

The United States has already sanctioned China to pressure them to close the internment camps. Solidarity in the international community could save the lives of millions of Uighur Muslims. Sign the petition below to call for the UK to use sanctions to pressure China into closing concentration camps.


Dear Secretary Raab,

The Uighur concentration camps in China are a clear human rights violation, and action by the international community must be taken to end them. China has denied that the camps even exist, despite clear evidence showing the imprisonment, torture, and forced labor of Uighur Muslims. The Uighur Muslims are a minority religious and ethnic group, and the Chinese government has sought to eradicate them. This targeted racial discrimination is horrible and must be stopped. Sanctions from the United Kingdom could put economic pressure on China to close the concentration camps.

As an influential nation in the international community, the UK has a responsibility to take action against human rights abuses. Economic sanctions, in solidarity with sanctions from other nations like the United States, could put enough pressure on China that the government releases Uighur Muslim prisoners. I urge you to protect Uighur Muslims and put sanctions on China in response to their government’s human rights violations.


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