Save America From Two-Party System Monopoly

Target: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman from New York

Goal: Push for a preferential voting system nationwide to allow third parties a fair shot in America’s electoral system.

The two party system is standing in the way of a lot of progress in the United States. A preferential voting system would fix this, as it would give people the ability to support third party candidates without fear of their votes being for nothing.

For example, if you preferred more environmentally friendly politics than the Democratic Party’s candidate offered, you could vote for Green Party first, and put the Democratic Party as your second choice. This would stop the idea of “spoiler” candidates in races while also allowing more parties like the Libertarian Party, Socialist Party, and many more to have a chance at having their voices heard.

If you support a system that means everyone has a chance for a seat at the table, sign our petition and encourage Congress to push for a switch to a preferential voting system.


Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez,

The two party system is failing Americans. The binary choice of Democratic or Republican is leading to Republican convalescence around bad ideas, and Democratic officials becoming lazy and complacent because they’re a default better choice.

The United States would be best served by switching to a preferential voting system so that third parties had a valid chance to have their voices heard. Competition for Republicans in the form of the Libertarian Party and competition for the Democrats in the form of the Green Party would help keep all parties honest and keep any of them from complacency in the fight for a better country.

Please do everything in your power to push for a change to a preferential voting system in America.


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  1. Juan Canet says:

    This suppression of Third Parties has enough damage as is to the legitimacy of our free and fair elections.

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