Don’t Cut Funding to COVID-19 Testing Sites That Save Lives

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Do not cut 35 billion dollars in funds for COVIID-19 testing and research.

The Trump Administration is holding up a new round of COVID-19 relief by urging billions of dollars in cuts to vital containment efforts for the pandemic that has already claimed around 140,000 American lives. President Trump and his White House staff want to slash 25 billion dollars of funding for testing and another 10 billion dollars from COVID-19 action plans at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If these cuts come to pass, states would lose some of the most essential tools in combating novel coronavirus infections and in restarting their stalled economies.

This latest attempt at undermining science comes in the wake of the administration already shuttering over a dozen testing sites in hard-hit states. President Trump has long spoken with hostility about ramped-up tests, claiming that increased testing is somehow responsible for the surge of infections across the country. This claim ignores the fact that hospitalizations and death rates have also risen, as have rates of positivity.

In contrast, public health professionals have repeatedly reinforced that widespread and easily available testing is necessary to contain outbreaks that often turn deadly. It also gives states needed data about where and how they need to funnel their resources. Moreover, testing capacity is one of the best and most effective means for businesses long closed to return their employees to work.

COVID-19 testing should not be used as the latest political football. Sign the petition below to demand this nation’s leaders support and fund an enlightening weapon in the fight against an unseen enemy.


Dear President Trump,

Ignoring a problem will not make it disappear. Saying that coronavirus infections would be much lower in America if not for testing is like claiming cancer could be cured if we did away with cancer screenings. Testing is in fact the best weapon you have in defeating this enemy and in reigniting the economy you value so much.  Republic Senator Lamar Alexander said it best: “we should do whatever we need to do to make sure we have adequate tests. All roads to open school…going back to work, childcare, lead through testing.”

The United States and the world cannot afford to wait it out for a vaccine that may still be months if not years away. During that period, hundreds of thousands more Americans could lose their lives. In no way is this human price tag an acceptable trade-off for business as usual.  Why are you so eager to have federal agents strike against protesters, yet when it comes to combating this nation’s biggest enemy, you suddenly want to “leave it to the states?”

Do not threaten to hold up essential aid for Americans. Do not cut COVID-19 testing, but invest fully in this important tool.  Most importantly, do not forget the “United” in this country’s name. Every state, and every citizen, needs guidance, support, and leadership during this extraordinary time.


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Photo Credit: Sgt. Erik Figi

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