Protect the Citizens of Washington State from the Spread of COVID-19

Target: Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State

Goal: Slow the Spread of COVID-19 by reinstating a statewide lockdown. 

The United States has been absolutely devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While most countries are beginning to gain a foothold against the virus, the United States is spiraling further and further out of control, with over four million cases nationwide. The rampant spread of this virus is primarily due to the deep level of incompetence within federal leadership and has resulted in 145,000 deaths nationwide. Thousands of these deaths would have been prevented if the United States committed to a national stay-at-home order back in May of 2020, but concerns over the economy and pressure from the federal government forced many states to reopen too soon. 

The ideal solution for a health crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing would be for the country as a whole to band together and follow social distancing protocol. However, with so many Americans seemingly profoundly opposed to the idea of wearing masks, a national lockdown would seem to be the next best option. Unfortunately, this also seems deeply unlikely as many people within our government have conflicting opinions about the veracity of this crisis. 

The only remaining option available to combat the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be individual state lockdowns. In fact, the United States was experiencing much more success in suppressing the virus when the majority of states had quarantine orders in effect. Please be proactive and protect the state of Washington by signing this petition demanding Governor Inslee declare a second stay-at-home order today. 


Dear Governor Inslee,

Washington, like much of the United States, is facing a sizable spike in COVID-19 cases. There are currently almost 51,000 cases in Washington, and that number continues to grow by the day. The virus is significantly more prevalent now than it was back in March when the original stay-at-home order was declared.

Now is not the time to continue with business as usual. While it is not ideal to shut down the economy for a second time, if we do not quarantine now, we risk a deadly spike in cases later this fall that will overwhelm our healthcare system and devastate our economy even further. Please do not let your pride stop you from doing the right thing. Declare a second stay-at-home order today. 


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