Protect Peaceful Protesters From Heavily Armed Special Agents

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Goal: Protect peaceful protesters in American cities from heavily armed special agents.

The Trump administration announced plans to deploy around 150 federal agents into Chicago, Illinois as part of an oppressive tactic to quell Black Lives Matter protests. These officers are part of the Department of Homeland Security and are known for conducting long-term investigations into serious crimes like terrorism and human trafficking.

Special agents in camouflage currently patrol the streets of Portland, Oregon, pulling protesters into unmarked vans, arresting without reason, and unleashing tear gas and rubber bullets upon peaceful demonstrators. Trump has praised them for their violent and unconstitutional acts and, as a result, has suggested sending them to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Detroit.

These special agents are only exacerbating the violence and unrest surrounding police brutality and the death of George Floyd. Sign below to demand Trump end violence against peaceful demonstrators and choose not to deploy federal officers to Chicago and other American cities.


Dear President Trump,

Deploying heavily armed federal agents into Portland, Chicago, and other cities is a harmful and oppressive political tactic to dominate peaceful protests. Thus far, officers in Portland have only exacerbated the tension between citizens and the police.

Your methods of quelling demonstrations violate the constitution and pose a significant threat to our democracy. I demand that you do not send federal officers to Chicago or any other American city.


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Photo Credit: Matthew Roth


  1. Maria Nowicki says:

    Does anyone really believe that the orange, lying and corrupt idiot will care about this? He is the most dangerous person in
    this country who is a Hitler wannabe.

  2. Adolt Twittler was always a racist pos. Went after Central Park Five but SILENCE on white preppie killer Robert Chambers.

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    Just what every dictator wanna be wants – their own personal goon squad.

  4. Karen Redd says:


  5. The comments on this site is unbelievable.

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