Stop Federal Forces From Suppressing Free Speech

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Protect free speech and block the Department of Homeland Security from sending federal forces to Chicago.

A Navy veteran approached federal troops in Portland after they had been seen randomly arresting protesters, and asked them if they felt their actions followed the Constitution. The troops maced him in the face and beat him with batons. Similar forces are planned to be deployed in Chicago, to “protect federal property” amidst unrest. These forces have displayed violence and attempted to suppress the free speech of protesters.

Protests against racism have exploded across the nation in peaceful and powerful demonstrations. The federal government’s response to these protests has been to suppress instead of listen. Federal forces were sent by the Department of Homeland Security to quell the protests in some areas, using often violent and illegal tactics. The forces in Portland were meant to be a “test,” with other deployments in big cities following this one. Expanding these forces to other cities will destroy the free speech rights of protesters.

Trump has praised these federal forces, pushing for them to be sent to other big cities to fight crime. It is plain to see that they have done nothing to protect Americans. They were seen in Portland emerging from unmarked minivans, in unidentifiable camouflage uniforms, tear gassing and arresting peaceful protesters. These actions have been called out by many as fascist and unconstitutional.

Peaceful demonstrations should not be met with violence and suppression. Demand that federal forces not be deployed in Chicago. Sign the petition below to protect the free speech of protesters.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Violent federal forces in Portland have tear gassed and arrested peaceful protesters, inhibiting their First Amendment rights. These forces were considered a “test run” to fight crime, with Chicago as the next location for deployment. The actions of these forces are unconstitutional, as they have arrested civilians without warrants and tear gassed protesters when chemical irritants are banned in the state of Oregon. These forces were intended to protect federal property, but instead have incited violence and suppressed free speech.

Many protesters have been severely harmed by military forces, including a Navy veteran who stood up against these violent actions. These forces should not be allowed to expand into other cities. I demand that you block the Department of Homeland Security from sending these destructive forces into Chicago.


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Photo Credit: Zane Sparling


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