China: Provide Answers for Drone Footage of Holocaust-like Prison Transfer

Target: Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Goal: Demand answers for drone footage of ethnic minority prisoners.

Drone footage from China has come to light that appears to show shackled prisoners with shaved heads being led to trains while blindfolded. The footage has been public since October 2019 but has recently resurfaced and has been widely shared on the internet. The video has prompted scrutiny of China, who appears to be carrying out human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities.

The Chinese government has been detaining Uighurs in “re-education camps” with the intention of rooting out extremist thought. Since 2017, it’s estimated that 1 million to 2 million Uighurs have been detained in these camps. Last month, it was reported that the Chinese government used a campaign of mandatory birth control and forced sterilization on Uighurs and other minorities. Some have described these efforts as “demographic genocide.”

Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, was confronted about the footage. He said that the camp that minorities are sent to is the “most beautiful place.” He also said that he did not know where the footage came from, but “sometimes you have a transfer of prisoners.” He also said that there has been “no so-called restriction of the population.” Finally, he stated that “Uighur people enjoy peaceful, harmonious coexistence with other ethnic groups of people.”

None of these comments address where the drone footage was taken or what it represents. Sign this petition to urge China to address the footage.


Dear Ambassador Xiaoming,

Sterilization and “re-education camps” are reminiscent of human rights atrocities not unlike the Holocaust. The world cannot see certain behaviors by governments without calling it out. Recently, drone footage was shared online that appears to show people with shaved heads and in shackles. They are blindfolded and are being led onto trains. These images are disturbing and raise so many questions about who these people are, why they are imprisoned, and if they are being treated ethically.

Your statements about the footage did not address any of the concerns that the global public has. I urge you to provide answers for the drone footage of minority prisoners.


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Photo Credit: Manille Sur Quai


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