Peaceful Navy Vet Beaten by Trump’s Secret Police Deserves Justice

Target: Senior Deputy District Attorney Nathan Vasquez

Goal: Justice for Christopher David, who was injured by federal officers at a protest.

A veteran of the United States Navy had his hand broken in two places by federal agents during a protest. He was peaceful, nonviolent, and yet was still beaten, tear gassed, and maimed, and it was all caught on video.

These unmarked “secret” federal officers are beating and kidnapping civilians in violation of the United States Constitution, which ensures the right to peacefully assemble. Something needs to be done to ensure justice for Christopher David and to ensure that these unmarked federal agents can’t beat peaceful U.S. citizens with impunity. Sign our petition to demand justice for Christopher David.


Dear District Attorney Vasquez,

Protesters are being maimed, tear gassed, and beaten in your city by federal officers with no respect for the Constitution or the liberty of the people of Portland. The first step to ensure that this doesn’t continue has to be prosecution of agents involved in these unwarranted attacks.

Christopher David had his hand broken in two places by secret federal police during a peaceful protest, in addition to being beaten and tear gassed, and it was all caught on video. Justice for crimes committed against people in the United States should not be optional, and should not be contingent on political affiliation. Prosecute these officers and bring some justice back to your city.


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Photo Credit: Zane Sparling

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  1. Maria Bertrand says:

    Utterly disgusting! The incognito agents is dirty play. These were peaceful protests!

    • Gillian Miller says:

      What peaceful protest? Would that be the one where the protesters threw stones at the police? People go to protests knowing that they are violent so should expect that they may get hurt by accident by being there amongst agitators. I don’t support what happened here but it should be expected. The last time there was a complaint about brutality towards a peaceful protester it was found that he was professional and looking to be hurt. I also urge caution as the video could be cut. If, indeed, this happened as shown then the police need retraining.

      • You’re obviously a stupid Trumptard supporter. Actually this WAS a peaceful protest. These Federal goons need to go home! This Administration is all about causing more trouble and violence. Maybe the Feds need to read the Constitution along with the Liar in Chief!

      • A other stupid trumptard.

      • And what else was cut? Video of trumpKKKins saying WHITE POWER? And racist in chief supporting that?

      • I see your point. However, Violence is unacceptable, not abiding by laws are also Unacceptable. Peaceful protesting is encouraged. Peaceful protesting typically is happening during the light of day where we are doing alot of at various federal, local businesses, mayors who support us, peaceful marching, and bring awareness. What’s NOT peaceful are those harming others who are posing as blm supporters, and supporters of unity,and inclusion. NOT those who are using the cover of darkness to reek Havoc in our communities, and where those who want to cause harm, destruction, violence, and hate are terrorizing us peaceful protesters and bystanders!! Law and order does not mean it’s political wake up people! Just bc we want safety does not mean we support police brutality or pos prez he will go in Nov but right now Peace love unity! Not hate please stop hating people with different views, opinions this is how we grow and change

      • Karen Redd says:

        No this damn sure wasn’t a “peaceful” protest, and I’d hate to see what these fools would think was a violent one. Oh I get it though, it would be ANY protest by INTELLIGENT REPUBLUCANS.This weird jerk does not have a broken arm and that’s very obvious seeing him move his arms around- he’s lying. I guess the fool thought the WHOLE RIOT would stop to listen when he wanted to speak to the cops lol. “If” he was in the service- which I doubt- maybe he had brain damage because he sure joined America’s worst enemy’s side.

      • J. Martin says:

        The guy was just standing there .. and they started whacking him and sprayed whatever in his face.

      • If you have not been present in the protests, then shut up. Everybody knows media manipulates. There were Trumptards in the protests trying to instigate violence. Protestors were peaceful. It was the police who began pushing people regardless if they fall and get hurt, and aiming and shooting tear gas at people’s faces which is illegal. Police is supposed to protect people. They work for us, not the other way around. We pay for their salaries, them and all those dinosaurs in Congress. All that needs to go. We need new blood there to represent the people. And btw, it ‘should’ not be expected to get hurt in a peaceful protest. We have the right to protest and be heard, otherwise, this is NOT a democratic country.

  2. I hope Trump and his own private goon squads have fun while they can. A day of reckoning is coming. His suddenly-acquired sweetness will be exposed for the feeble attempt at becoming human that it is. And it won’t be nearly enough to make up for the trail of debris and pain he is leaving behind. I knew when they proclaimed him to be our new dictator that this nation was entering a new and dangerous phase, but I had no idea of the scope of the damage to come. How anybody can support and defend this monster I have no idea. He would love to ruin this nation the way his idols and heroes-Putin and Kim-have ruined theirs. He has ignored the welfare of the people he was supposed to put first and defend. He is a traitor, and as he himself once pointed out-there was a time in American history when traitors were executed. The longer I have to see his ugly, orange face the more I like that idea. God help America.

  3. Raymond Stevens says:

    These scumbag, gestapo thugs should be fired and then prosecuted for assault and battery.

  4. Bina Pannell says:

    Were they wearing black or brown shirts?

  5. Cadet bone spurs has no problem with this.

  6. quinten putnam says:

    This is not the America I know!!!

  7. Trump is a real POS and anyone who supports this idiot is a imbecile…

  8. Good job, Mr. Trump! Thumbs up! That filthy piece of shit just got what it deserved.

  9. chicken hawks beat a navy vet only in republican america.

  10. Let’s just beat the living hell out of Chump and be done with it. He’s a total waste of life taking up air a good person should have. A narcissist and a racist and a liar, drain the swamp NOW!

  11. One simple question! When is this dumb Trump goes home???

  12. I’m thinking, Under all that “riot gear” these people are Trumps KKK mob members.
    Dump Trump.

    • Right wing terrorists came to Brooklyn. Patriot Front put hate stickers in Park Slope and other parts of Brooklyn in January. Also, FBI said right wing terrorists are posing as antifa. 74 cases so far. There is video where cops are telking Proud Boys that his commander told them to hide. This was in Oregon. COPS SIDING WITH RIGHT WING TERRORISTS.

  13. Get used to this government-sanctioned thuggery if Trump, by hook or crook, gets another four years, and if he does, he won’t be limit himself to four years. Want to lose your freedom to criticize the government, lose your right to protest peacefully, your right to clean air, clean water, and a pristine environment, without mining and oil wells and fracking everywhere? Want to be put into a concentration camp if you disagree with Trump? Do you like it when Trump uses the Presidency to enrich himself, in direct violation of the Constitution? Want to kill objective journalism? If you want to be ruled by a ruthless dictator, then vote for Trump in November. If you don’t want to destroy American Democracy, if you believe in democracy and love America, if you expect our leaders, including the president, to be subject to the Constitution and our system of laws, and want to improve America, then vote for Joe Biden.

  14. You’re obviously a stupid Trumptard supporter. Actually this WAS a peaceful protest. These Federal goons need to go home! This Administration is all about causing more trouble and violence. Maybe the Feds need to read the Constitution along with the Liar in Chief!

  15. True Patriots. Please go to and sign petitions to get this pos out of office.

  16. And what else was cut? Video of trumpKKKins saying WHITE POWER? And racist in chief supporting that?

  17. Yolanda Carrizales says:

    trump and his sicko thugs need to be jailed I’m soooo sick of the Motherf%%$$$ and his thugs.

  18. Judy A Canon says:

    Thank you for your service and loyalty to America Christopher David. To all those (probably bots) who endorse fascism you are not American, and do not deserve to live here. When trump is gone (& he will be voted then booted out of the peoples White House) you traitors will slink back into the darkness. You are vile repulsive disgusting cowardly agitators. Russia needs more like you in Russia! Move!

  19. J. Martin says:

    It’s not the first time Trump ok’d his goon squad to do shit like this to peaceful protesters. That man (ppfffhhhhttt) actually THAT SUB HUMAN assclown … needs to GO. I seriously wonder when all the SHEEPle who voted him in are going to fucking wake up and see this bastard for what he is!!!! FUCK .. what do you Trump followers need to happen? World War 3. That cocksucker will make that happen if given a chance. Really .. HE NEEDS TO GO!!!!

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