Stop Trump Administration From Murdering 50 Endangered Orcas

Target: Dr. Neil Jacobs, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Environmental Observation and Agency Executive, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Goal: Reject Navy proposal to ‘take’ up to 51 whales in Puget Sound. 

The United States Navy just applied for permission to potentially kill up to 51 orcas in the Puget Sound. They applied for an exemption to the Marine Mammal Protection Act in the form of something called an ‘incidental take.’ To ‘incidentally take’ an animal essentially means an expected accident in which the animal is injured, hunted, harassed, or killed. This means that the Navy is asking permission to do activities, such as conducting training exercises, that they normally wouldn’t be allowed to do because it would adversely affect the orca population. 

This year has been a devastating year for orca. The Salish Sea, which is legally considered the orca’s ‘core critical habitat,’ saw historically low numbers of orca returning in the spring. The prey that the orca feeds on is also in significant decline. The Washington Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Task Force has recommended that steps be put in place to reduce noise in the Salish Sea where the orca live because adding sound pollution to hunting and breeding grounds affects the animal’s ability to communicate, hunt, and evade danger. 

There are only 80 orcas left in the Puget Sound. Killing even one of these animals would have devastating consequences for the remainder of the population. The Navy’s proposed plan could kill more than half of the orca remaining in these northern waters. These animals are a fundamental and treasured part of the ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest. Please sign this petition today, rejecting the Navy’s application to kill these magnificent creatures. 


Dear Dr. Jacobs,

The United States Navy has applied for permission to ‘take’ up to 51 orcas in the Pacific Northwest. This is an unacceptable proposal. With only 80 orcas left in the Puget sound, this proposal has the potential to devastate the remainder of the population. Reducing the orca population that significantly could make it almost impossible for this treasured creature to survive.  

The Washington Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Task Force has advised against any added noise within the orcas’ habitat. Noise pollution in the water adversely affects the whales’ ability to communicate, hunt, and evade danger. Orca populations are already dwindling at a frightening pace. Do not speed up the destruction of these incredible creatures. Please deny the US Navy’s proposal to encroach on these vital waters.


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Photo Credit: Minette Layne


  1. OUST that freak of nature Trump — that fat disgusting moronic waste material — leave animals alone !!!!!

  2. Maria Bertrand says:

    How can this even be a consideration!!!!!!LEAVE THE ORCAS ALONE.



    • Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

      Thank you, our thoughts as well!!!

      • Amarilla McBride says:

        He’s not doing any such bullshit! Plus if you wanna see a freak of nature, that fat disgusting moronic waste of material, look no further then your own bathroom mirror!!!!!

  3. It’s not “murder” when it’s not human.

  4. Yolanda Carrizales says:

    The psycho in the WH is a freaking disaster Nov. doesn’t come soon enough.

  5. Shirley Lemieux says:

    How do you expect people to not look at our Government as the true evil doers against nature and other forms of life when incidents such as this occur? From the United States Veterans Affairs committing gruesome experiments on dogs and other animals to the United States Navy wanting to kill Oceanic life And so on. Certainly not what I consider to be Heroes. Leave the Orcas alone! They have just as much right to life as the Men wanting to take their lives.

    • Terri Manabe says:

      Trump has no business making this call and faking information to do it. We can’t allow this to happen. Orcas are highly at risk as is. If the Navy kills any one of them, it’ll have a huge impact on the preservation of the species. I don’t want to see a MASS EXTINCTION occur now. We MUST stand up for these iconic creatures and for all wildlife on this planet.

  6. Trump is a vile,mentally deranged,animal hating pos.The USA has never had such an incompetent,ow iq,moronic bastard as their president.He is stuffing the country completely up.Lets hope that this vile pos has a short and agonising life.

    • Amarilla McBride says:

      You are a vile mentality challenged imbecile. Hes not doing this. Your making shit up, you diluted dementiacrats!

      • What a trump humper you are. You know what he’s going to lose
        then you can go sit in the corner rocking back n forth and suck on your binky. Trump called war beautiful in his press conference with Chris Wallace who roasted him.

        • Chris Wallace is a left-wing joke of a “journalist” still riding on the coattails of his famous father, Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame. Chris will never have the journalistic ethics and competence his father had. Chris is hardly impartial as seen by the soft questions he asks any liberal politician. He’s a joke.

      • Amarilla McBride=MORON!!!

  7. Agree all comments hunt this cruel bastard down . What a cruel fucking arsehole . This bastard hasnt got a heart. Whats wrong with this cruel world. Anyone thats cruel to animals needs to be tortured to death.

  8. Sometimes it seems the military can’t come up with creative, intelligent, useful, nonlethal activities. This torture is just something random they think justifies the money they get.

  9. Don’t believe everything you read people….

  10. Caroline Dinnage says:

    America, what is wrong with you? You seem intent on killing as much wildlife as possible.
    What have you all turned into….

  11. Dana Rogers says:

    I could get a lot more to sign if you took the header from
    blaming trump to the facts that this is navy decision. I looked it up and he has actually not given the ok on this. Can we just use facts. Before everyone gets all crazy I don’t love the man either but it just makes this political instead of helping the best animal in earth. Please change header.

    • LMAO!!! Faux News again? You cult imbeciles make me laugh. # RECORD REPUBLICANS LEAVE PARTY.Racist in chief is undoing everything Obama has done when it comes to animals. FACT.

    • P.S. I am NOT an animals rights activist just in case you imbeciles assume this.

      • Amarilla McBride says:

        Well I am. And you Trump haters should be ashamed. Whaling, was done by the CANADIANS first and most. Sport hunting animals was first done mostly by the English. Fools get your stories straight.

      • well fuck off then, this site is ALL ABOUT ANIMALS….. SAVING THEM…..THAT IS….
        You are the imbecile for being on here in the 1st place,,,, if your not an Animal Activist…. WHY are you on here?????
        Just to have a go at us that give a shit about the way Animals are used, abused, exploited & tortured to death for anything & everything. If you don’t care about all this,,, why be on here….? Why call us imbeciles? because we care?

    • He is allowing this you idiot! He hates animals! Does any one in his family even own a pet?

    • AMEN! FACTS, not hysteria. These silly commie libs are all ranting about something that hasn’t happened. These are the same idiots who lambasted Kavanaugh without any evidence whatsoever. One has to be PROVEN guilty with evidence. Just chanting something out loud over and over does NOT make it so!

  12. LMAO!!! Faux News again? You cult imbeciles make me laugh. # RECORD REPUBLICANS LEAVE PARTY.Racist in chief is undoing everything Obama has done when it comes to animals. FACT.

  13. For the love of God, find another location for your experiments without destroying ANIMALS and our delicate ECO-SYSTEM — Yo MUST find another way — the Pacific Northwest is OFF LIMITS.

  14. Navy & Frump are the greatest example of what a putrid, disgusting, selfish, evil sub human is…. Use them as live bait.

  15. Justin Recht says:

    Is there nobody with a sense of intelligence left to make decisions?

    America is a country with spectacular sceneries and animals – Eco-tourism, not mass-killing wants tourists to visit!

  16. Jose Espino says:

    Trump dint do it. Biden did.

  17. It was the murdering muslim Marxist Obama who openly stated he has eaten dog and it was Obama who signed for the slaughtering of horses.
    President Obama quietly signed into law a spending bill that restores the American horse-slaughter industry, just a few months after a government investigation said the ban on slaughtering was backfiring.
    The domestic ban didn’t end horse slaughter but instead shifted the site of butchery to Mexico and Canada – which meant INCREASED abuse or neglect as the horses were shipped out of the country and beyond the reach of U.S. law.

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