Justice for Beloved Black Bear Cub Reportedly Shot to Death

Target: Stephen B. Russell, State Attorney, Twentieth Judicial Circuit, Florida

Goal: Seek felony charges against man accused of killing and failing to report death of black bear cub.

A defenseless black bear cub reportedly lost his life simply for roaming.  Florida’s Kyle Stevens is accused of shooting and killing the cub after the young bear wandered into his yard.  This bear was hardly a fearsome intruder. In fact, the cub had become such a community fixture that residents had named him Bailey.

Despite the fact that animal cruelty can carry a felony charge in Florida, Stevens only faces second-degree misdemeanor charges. This man also allegedly broke another law by failing to notify the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission following the shooting. According to the director of the region’s Humane Society, this apparent lack of reporting “prolonged the suffering of this young animal.”  The advocate goes on to say: “the prosecutor must charge Stevens with aggravated animal cruelty for this unwarranted act and make it clear to Floridians that this action will not be tolerated,”

Sign the petition below to join in the calls for a proper penalty in this act of alleged cruelty.


Dear Mr. Russell,

“An act to any animal which results in the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering”: this phrase defines the felony act of Intentional Animal Cruelty, according to Florida statutes. Would a man who allegedly shot and killed a community fixture bear cub for no apparent good reason fit this criteria? What if the man in question failed to report the incident, as required by Florida law, thus potentially increasing the suffering of the young animal?

Kyle Stevens stands accused of committing these exact crimes. Yet despite the circumstances, Mr. Stevens only faces second-degree misdemeanor charges. Such a glaring oversight emblemizes why advocates are working diligently to strengthen legal protections for this state’s vulnerable animals.

Please remedy this seeming injustice. Charge Kyle Stevens with Intentional Animal Cruelty and, in the fitting words of the Humane Society, “make it clear to Floridians that this action will not be tolerated.”


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Photo Credit: USFWS Orsulak



  1. D.Farrimond says:

    Obviously this pos shouldn’t have a gun licence

  2. POS, he was a baby, you could have yelled and he would have run away, Karma is going for you…. RIP sweet baby.

  3. Poor lil’ bear.

  4. This jerk knew what he was doing.

  5. Carolyn Douglas says:

    The thrill killer needs to be shot in several places and just left in the woods someplace…if he dies – so what. ANIMAL CRUELTY/SENSELESS KILLINGS CANNOT BE TOLERATED ANY LONGER. IN MY OPINION

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