Prevent Mass Extinction of Polar Bears by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Target: The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Goal: Stop greenhouse gas emissions from destroying polar bear habitats and rendering the species extinct.

For the past decade, the polar bear population has been on a fast and steady decline due to climate change and other varying factors. Greenhouse gases are melting the ice caps and warming the temperature of their natural habitats as well as depleting their food supply. Recent studies believe that at this rate, the majority of the species will be extinct by 2100.

We cannot let this continue. Greenhouse gas emissions are the biggest contributor to the species’ decline. Polar bears thrive in icy conditions, as do the majority of their live food sources such as fish and seals. As their food supplies die off, so will the bears themselves from starvation. Furthermore, their reproductive habits are affected by these factors, leading to a dearth in cubs being born to replace the bears who die.

We must prevent the loss of this species, and the first and most important thing to do is stop all greenhouse gas and fossil fuel emissions from destroying their environment. Businesses and residential areas need to reduce their carbon footprint immediately. Sign this petition to push for lowering emissions in polar bear habitats.


Dear Minister Wilkinson,

Recent studies revealed that at the rate polar bears are dying, the species could be extinct by next century. The biggest culprit behind the species’ decline is climate change, caused by greenhouse gases and an overuse of fossil fuels. These gases melt the polar ice caps and heat up the cold areas polar bears need to thrive. They also cause illness and disrupt mating patterns.

You must help reduce the planet’s carbon footprint. As home to some of the major polar bear habitats in the world, Canada must reduce its production of greenhouse gases and encourage other countries and territories to do likewise. We cannot afford to lose such a valuable species to extinction.


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Photo Credit: Susanne Miller


  1. Who will PROTECT our Planet and its precious Inhabitants? — WHO!?

  2. Justin Recht says:

    In spite to a hopeless outlook – lets never give up.
    Dear Sir – please take the lead and make an effort to help improving this situation.
    Ones the polar bears are gone, the world becomes a shade darker.

  3. Jose Espino says:

    At this rate and lack of attention to the problem, humanity will probably end up cannibalizing each other for survival. Anyone for kidney soup?

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